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In addition to using hardware and software on your network to scan mail for viruses and spam, you can also outsource spam and virus filtration. In fact, it is recommended for all in-house mail servers as most of these services provide some kind of perimeter failover should your mail server go down. The basic idea is that the outsourced mail filtering solution directs your MX record to the vendor s web site, and they then filter the mail for you. This reduces the bandwidth overhead coming into your network if you run your own mail server and it also helps with staffing overhead dedicated to fighting spam. Outsourced filtration companies, such as Microsoft Exchange Hosted Solutions (EHS) and MX Logic, have gained wide adoption mainly because they require little maintenance, are inexpensive, and are fairly simple to implement.
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You can also provide administrative access to a number of granular functions within Mac OS X by adding a user to the corresponding local group, rather than having a bunch of extraneous administrative users on your system. A great example is one of the ways to allow print queue management in Mac OS X. The Managed Client framework (MCX) has the ability to allow a user to add a printer. The following script was largely created to address an issue with older OS X 10.5-based machines where allowing users to modify printer lists via MCX was sometimes problematic. However, the script is useful to provide granular control to printing functions. Another way to allow a user to add printers and also let them manage queues is to add a user to the lpadmin group, (the group historically used for managing line printers that now refers to all printers). The lpadmin group provides capabilities for numerous printing functions, such as resuming print queues, which is not available to standard users. Printing in OS X is supplied via CUPS, which provides granular access to numerous functions. The following script, also available via digital download (file, adds a specified Open Directory group into the local _lpadmin group, thereby granting directory users lpadmin rights.
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## get a list of current users to determine the nextuser ID. ## This will output a list of all user's on the system, as well as their user ## id. When creating a new user, we need to make sure we use the next available user id: sudo ipmitool user list 1 ## OS X by default has 2 users, one is a built in system user, the other an admin user ## which is setup typically in Server Monitor. Id 3 is the next unused id sudo ipmitool user set name 3 mynewadmin sudo ipmitool user set password 3 'mynewpass' sudo ipmitool enable 3 ## turn on serial over lan for the user on both interfaces (not sure if this is needed, but it's used by the default admin) sudo ipmitool user sol 3 enable 1
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Figure 3-11. Options area of the New Database dialog The third item in the Options area is Compatibility Level. It is possible to build a database for previous versions of SQL Server, provided you are willing to sacrifice the new functionality. This will allow you to connect to a SQL Server 2000 defined database, for example, from SQL Server 2005. Among the next set of options, the ones of interest to us at the moment are the first four. We ll examine the remaining options when we build the database using T-SQL. Auto Close: If you want the database to shut down when the last user exits, then set this option to True. The standard practice is a setting of False, and you should have a good reason to set this option to True, especially on a remote server. Auto Create Statistics: This option relates to the creation of statistics used when querying data. The standard practice is a setting of True; however, in a production environment, especially if you have a nightly or weekly process that generates statistics on your data, you would switch this to False. Creating and updating statistics while your system is being used does increase processing required on your server, and if your server is heavily used for inserting data, then you will find a performance degradation with this option set to True. To clarify, though, it is necessary to balance your choice with how much your system will have to query data.
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' Set up connection string Dim connString As String = _ "provider = sqloledb;" _ & "data source = .\sqlexpress;" _ & "integrated security = sspi;" _ & "initial catalog = northwind"
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{ string strConn = @"data source=.\sqlexpress;initial catalog=northwind;integrated security=true"; EmployeeDetails emp = new EmployeeDetails(); SqlConnection cnn = new SqlConnection(strConn); SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("SELECT employeeid,firstname,lastname,homephone,notes FROM employees WHERE employeeid=@id", cnn); SqlParameter p = new SqlParameter("@id", empid); cmd.Parameters.Add(p); cnn.Open(); SqlDataReader reader = cmd.ExecuteReader(); while (reader.Read()) { emp.EmployeeID = reader.GetInt32(0); emp.FirstName = reader.GetString(1); emp.LastName = reader.GetString(2); emp.HomePhone = reader.GetString(3); emp.Notes = reader.GetString(4); } reader.Close(); cnn.Close(); return emp; } }
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Sandboxed Execution and the Execution Manager
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package { import; import mx.rpc.AsyncToken; import mx.rpc.IResponder; import mx.rpc.http.HTTPService; public final class SearchTwitterAPIDelegate { // Defines the reference to the <code>SearchTwitterAPICommand<code> // instance. private var responder:IResponder; // Define reference to the service which can be one // of the RPC (HttpService, WebService or RemoteService) private var service:HTTPService; // Instantiates a new instance of <code>SearchTwitterAPIDelegate</code> // and initializes a reference to the <code>IResponder<code> instance. public function SearchTwitterAPIDelegate(responder:IResponder) { service = ServiceLocator.getInstance().getHTTPService ~CCC (Services.GET_TWITTER_SEARCH_RESULTS); this.responder = responder; } public function getSearchResults(keyword:String):void { var param:Object = new Object(); param.q = keyword; var token:AsyncToken = service.send( param ) token.addResponder( responder ); } } }
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Figure 13-5. Adding a VCard to the Salesforce account I then select the Elad Elrom contact file and click Select. This launches the file parser, which then creates a contact in the Salesforce database. The result is shown in Figure 13-6.
Figure 5 4. Running maintenance scripts with Yasu.
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We ll demonstrate implicit localization in Exercise 8-3 and explicit localization in Exercise 8-4.
2. Place the tinymce_styles.css file in your theme directory; for example, drupal/themes/bluemarine/. 3. Navigate to administer settings TinyMCE (admin/settings/tinymce) page, and choose an existing profile or click Create new profile (admin/settings/tinymce/add). Set Editor CSS to Define CSS and CSS Path to %h%ttinymce_styles.css. Note that the variables %h and %t include trailing slashes already. This will evaluate to something like the following: 4. Add the following bolded lines to the <head> section of your theme s page.tpl.php file, or the appropriate counterpart if you are not using PHPTemplate as a theme engine: < php print $styles > <style type="text/css" media="all"> @import "< php print $directory >/tinymce_style.css ";</style> <script type="text/javascript"> </script> Now when you use the TinyMCE editor, you should have a styles selector that includes the class definitions you added, as shown in Figure 4-5.
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