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CHAPTER 17: Network Scanning, Intrusion Detection, and Intrusion Prevention Tools
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To achieve separation, it is common practice to use a value object (VO), which contains all the properties of the data. The VO was borrowed from J2EE, which uses an object called a data transfer object (DTO). You will create a data object to store customers information. Let s translate the object entity into a VO. See the following class, which is a collection of properties that describes the customer:
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Attribute constructors may take arguments. These arguments are passed in to the attribute s class constructor when it is applied to a program element. There are two ways to pass in the constructor arguments: the usual way involving the order of the parameters, and a second way in which the name of the parameter is given and the assignment operator is used to specify the value. The two methods are illustrated here: [ SomeAttribute( "AttributeValue1", 200) ] // Positional parameters [ SomeAttribute( Value = "AttributeValue1", IntegralValue = 200) ] // Named parameters Because attribute parameter evaluation occurs during startup, when the CLI programming environment is not yet fully initialized, the language design imposes restrictions on the types that may be used as attribute parameter types. Attribute parameter types are restricted to primitive types, string handles, object handles, handles to the Type class, enum classes that are publicly accessible (and, if nested, are nested in a publicly accessible type) as well as onedimensional managed arrays of these types. These restrictions are in place in order to ensure that the runtime has access to the types when it needs them and that there are no dependencies on additional external assemblies.
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ref struct R { property int P1; // trivial property // nontrivial property with int backing store int value; property int P2 { int get() { return value; } void set(int i) { value = i; } } // indexed property array<String^>^ names; // backing store property String^ P[ int ] { String^ get(int index) { return names[index]; void set(int index, String^ s) { names[index] } // default indexed property property String^ default[ int ] { String^ get(int index) { return names[index]; void set(int index, String^ s) { names[index] } };
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Using Secure Empty Trash
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Figure 16 30. Maximizing AFP Logs
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Interop Activity
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// // ballSpeed - the X and Y velocity of the ball. // -- we use a CGPoint which is just a struct with two // floats (x and y) as its elements. We then just set // the x and y values to the speed. // Y is defined as movement along the vertical axis between // the player and the computer. // X is defined as the side-to-side movement // CGPoint ballSpeed;
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You will reuse the solution that you developed in 15. Start by creating a blank solution, as shown in Figure 16-1. For the solution name, enter 16.
$sudo defaults read /Library/Preferences/DirectoryService/DirectoryService { "Active Directory" = Inactive; AppleTalk = Active; BSD = Active; Version = "1.1"; }
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