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You can also embed your own fonts in any application you write, but they will be available for use only within your application and not outside of it. To conform with the Metro guidelines, however, it is probably wise to stick with the standard fonts that ship with the tools.
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Figure 4-9. Representation of BlackBerry service books
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$ln s /Volumes/dataVolume/networkHomes /networkHomes
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When you reload the portal page, you will see the portlets running next to each other in the portal page. Figure 2-2 shows both portlets running in one portal page.
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// needed for CAOs! String[] urls = { this.GetURLBase() }; _channelData = new ChannelDataStore(urls); // collect channel data from all providers IServerChannelSinkProvider provider = _sinkProvider; while (provider != null) { provider.GetChannelData(_channelData); provider = provider.Next; } // create the sink chain IServerChannelSink snk = ChannelServices.CreateServerChannelSinkChain(_sinkProvider,this); // add the SMTPServerTransportSink as a first element to the chain _transportSink = new SMTPServerTransportSink(snk, _smtpServer, _myAddress); // start to listen this.StartListening(null); } The constructor calls GetURLBase(), which provides a way for this channel to return its base URL. private String GetURLBase() { return "smtp:" + _myAddress; } You also have to implement IChannel s methods and properties: Parse(), ChannelName, and ChannelPriority. The implementation itself looks exactly the same as it did for the clientside channel. public string Parse(string url, out string objectURI) { String email; SMTPHelper.parseURL(url, out email, out objectURI); if (email == null || email=="" || objectURI == null || objectURI =="") { return null; } else
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3. Make this the startup project, and run it with Ctrl+F5. You should see the output in Figure 8-9.
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Figure 9-2. SQL Server and OLE DB data provider differences If your application connects to an older version of SQL Server (6.5 or older) or to more than one kind of database server at the same time (for example, an Access and an Oracle database connected simultaneously), only then should you choose to use the OLE DB data provider. No hard-and-fast rules exist; you can use both the OLE DB data provider for SQL Server and the Oracle data provider (System.Data.OracleClient) if you want, but it s important you
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icon is presumed to be tiny; if not, it would be better to place the icon on the disk and only pass the file location in the Invocation.
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apt-get install packagename
Table 8-4. Native Application Menu Items (continued)
Figure 13-3. The application as a portlet
Further, the SchemaPath property specifies the path of the schema file that we created earlier. Then the SqlXmlAdapter populates a DataSet, which is bound to the DataGridView. After the data is displayed in the DataGridView, you can modify it. After the modifications are complete, you need to click the Update button. The Click event of the Update button calls the Update() method of SqlXmlAdapter, which accepts the DataSet whose changes are to be reflected in the database. In 7, you learned that the DataSet class internally tracks the changes made to the data by using the DiffGram format. The same DiffGram is used by the SqlXmlAdapter class to propagate the changes back to the database.
The 2,000 rows in t2
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