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it would need to be supplied by a number of different depots, which would typically be in different locations.
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That is a very simple version of a defined support process, but there is a lot of work that goes into making this happen. Working backward, how do you make certain that the answering service contacts the correct DBA One way is to rotate a pager, but you may be fortunate enough to have people assigned to support specific applications or sites. Going further backward, how do you make certain that the customer calls the correct number for DBA production support Let s look at the answer to that question next.
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The Event Time Zone Display field answers the question, The time for this event should be displayed adjusted to which time zone Imagine that your site is configured to Eastern Standard Time (EST). Jim in Chicago uses your site to announce his upcoming concert. which starts at 18:00 (6:00 p.m.). Since he and his concert are in Central Standard Time (CST), he saves the event with CST. George in California, which is on Pacific Standard Time (PST), visits the site and sees the announcement for Jim s concert. What time should George see: 18:00 CST (the event s time zone), 16:00 PST (George s time zone), or 19:00 EST (the web site s time zone) These are your three choices for the Event Time Zone Display field:
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Users generally have to go through a wizard with many steps.*
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Figure 8-15. Setting where the button resides in the grid
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Modifying Phone Numbers
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The Call Stack window gives you the ability to view the current execution of the function or procedural calls that are currently on the stack. The term stack refers to a data structure in which objects or variables are kept in memory. It is called a stack because once an object is placed in memory, the next encountered object will be placed on top of the previous, hence the term. To launch the Call Stack window while in break mode, click on the Debug menu, choose Windows, and select Call Stack Window. When launched, it will resemble Figure 12-18.
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Listing 5-15. The Advice Implementation Class and Methods
In this section, we are going to develop a Windows application that will display a tree of various elements and their values. In the process, you will learn how to read attributes, elements, and text nodes from an XML document by using the XmlTextReader class. The application is shown in Figure 3-2.
getRequestDispatcher() getRequestedSessionId()
Figure 17-19. The completed Variables collection
As mentioned in the Managed Preferences section earlier in this chapter, managed preferences are applied via the preference pane of workgroup manager. Through this tool, Apple provides a nice, clean, and simple graphical interface for managing the most common applications. However, this is not a definitive list of what can and cannot be managed through MCX. After all, third party programs can be constructed in such a way to fully support MCX management. Apple s system provides support in two different ways. Preferably, Application will support management via Apple s Preference Manifest system. Preference manifests allow a third party application to provide an interface that can be
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