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In this chapter, you took a first look at Expression Blend and how it can be used alongside Visual Studio 2010 to help you design your Silverlight applications. You also looked at working with the Grid layout control to create complex layouts for your applications. The upcoming chapters explain how to use Expression Blend to style your Silverlight applications, as well as add transformations and animations to your applications.
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Symbol that, when used at the command prompt, indicates a command should accept input from a file (see redirect).
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Figure 11-13. SUMming values
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Spring provides for configuration by using Java 5 annotations. The classes are annotated with the @Configurable annotation. This annotation can be used to specify the name of the
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6 3. Configuring SMTP Send Ports
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insert into t1 select d1, to_number(to_char(d1,'yyyymmdd')), to_char(d1,'yyyymmdd') from ( select to_date('31-Dec-1999') + rownum from all_objects where rownum <= 1827 ) ;
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$10 $45 $50 $105
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Next, let s design the interface section. You ll need access to a particular accessory instance, the EA session that you re opening and closing, a protocol string for the accessory, and a place to put data that you want to write to the accessory.
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With this syntax, the command will install any available updates and then restart. However, this command would restart whether updates were installed or not. For operations like this, a more advanced script is required. Luckily, I ve got one of those for you. The following script,, can be copied to /etc/rc.local on newly imaged machines. Upon boot, they will run all applicable updates and reboot. This process will continue until all updates are run, at which point the script will self destruct. Alternatively, it can be pushed out in full via ARD s run unix command:
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Imports System Imports System.Data Imports System.Data.SqlClient Imports System.Drawing Imports System.IO Public Class Images Dim Dim Dim Dim Dim imageFilename As String = "" imageBytes() As Byte = Nothing imageConnection As SqlConnection = Nothing imageCommand As SqlCommand = Nothing imageReader As SqlDataReader = Nothing
CHAPTER 3: Securing User Accounts
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