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<s:TextInput id="criteriaTextInput"/> <s:Button id="searchButton" label="search" click="searchService.send()"/>
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The Apple Active Directory service plug-in (AD-Plug-in) is an extension that Apple added to its DirectoryService API to enable Mac OS X Client or Mac OS X Server to bind to Active Directory, making interconnectivity between Apple s Open Directory and Microsoft s Active Directory easier. It also supports Kerberos autoconfiguration for clients bound into Active Directory using DNS entries known as service (SRV) records. The Active Directory plug-in is configured using the Directory Access application within Mac OS X Server or by using the dsconfigad command line tool. When you use the Active Directory plug-in to bind to Active Directory, you can set up Open Directory to connect to an Active Directory domain controller and have items accessible to Open Directory from Active Directory. Because you are connecting to an existing Active Directory service, you will more than likely have all the policies for binding and passwords in place in your current directory services environment. This architecture is known as a dual-directory environment.
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What Is the .NET Thread Pool
This bank account example can be extended to illustrate how the Time functoid can be used to add a time component to the data capturing the date at which deposited funds are available. Currently, the example simply calculates a date for this value, but it is likely that a financial institution would additionally need to know the time at which deposited funds should be made available for use. Since the Add Days functoid produces only date values (without a time component), you must use a Time functoid, in addition to a String Concatenate functoid. To implement this enhancement, take the following steps: 1. On the mapping grid, in between the source and destination schemas, drag and drop a Time functoid. Since this functoid simply outputs the current time, it requires no input values. Drag and drop a String Concatenate functoid onto the mapping grid. This functoid allows multiple string values to be concatenated, or added, together.
Moving Beyond Eclipse
chapter I am going to use C# language extensions for writing the LINQ queries.
if (sqlRead.Read()) { MemoryStream mems = new MemoryStream(); BinaryWriter binw = new BinaryWriter(mems); byte[] bits = (byte[])sqlRead["LargePhoto"]; binw.Write(bits); Bitmap b = new Bitmap(mems); sqlRead.Close(); con.Close(); Response.ContentType = "image/jpeg"; //Response.Write(b); b.Save(Response.OutputStream, ImageFormat.Jpeg); } else { Response.Write("No image found"); }
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