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The basic container for your Spring application is a BeanFactory. As the name implies, this is a class that is responsible for manufacturing bean instances and then configuring their
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Click the Submit link at the top of the page. This will display the page used for entering a new request/comment, which is shown in Figure A-4.
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In the previous example, you saw how to dynamically filter and sort data in a data table using the Select method. However, ADO.NET has another approach for doing much the same thing and more: data views. A data view (an instance of class System.Data.DataView) enables you to create dynamic views of the data stored in an underlying data table, reflecting all the changes made to its content and its ordering. This differs from the Select method, which returns an array of data rows whose contents reflect the changes to data values but not the data ordering.
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You can expect the mechanism to become increasingly sophisticated as time passes. The two examples shown previously demonstrated cases where there was a simple constraint on a single column for a slightly more sophisticated example, look at constraint_03.sql in the online code suite, which is an example of Oracle using a table-level constraint of the form check (n2 >= n1) to create a constraint that allows a query to change its execution plan from a tablescan to an indexed access path.
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s The MultiLine property of a TextBox can also be set without using the Smart Tag feature. You can Tip
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Getting the Resource Bundle of Portlet Metadata
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To verify whether or not a certain instance contains a real local object or a proxy pointing to a server, you can call RemotingServices.IsTransparentProxy() as illustrated in the following snippet: String filename = AppDomain.CurrentDomain.SetupInformation.ConfigurationFile; RemotingConfiguration.Configure(filename); CustomerManager mgr = new CustomerManager(); if ( ! RemotingServices.IsTransparentProxy(mgr)) { throw new Exception("CustomerManager has not been correctly configured"); } Checking each object after a call to new is, however, rather cumbersome and error prone, so you may want to use an alternative solution that checks the configured types after your application has read its remoting configuration file. To do this, you can simply iterate over the result of RemotingConfiguration.GetRegisteredWellKnownClientTypes(). For each WellKnownClientTypeEntry, you would then check whether its ObjectType property has been set to an existing type object. If this property is null, this means that the remoting framework could not find the type you have specified in your configuration file. In practice, this helps you to pinpoint potential typos in your client-side configuration file. This solution also works if you have chosen to use a purely interface-based method of remoting! If you like to use this approach in your applications, you can simply follow a pattern similar to the following in your client-side code: static void Main(string[] args) { String filename = AppDomain.CurrentDomain.SetupInformation.ConfigurationFile; RemotingConfiguration.Configure(filename); VerifyRemotingConfiguration();
An ASP .NET web site needs Internet Information Services (IIS) as a host. The web site can be hosted with local IIS or on a remote machine. For our reporting project, you ll see the reports in action using the integrated web server of the Visual Studio IDE. This internal web server will act like IIS for use during the development phase. Covering everything offered by ASP.NET technology is beyond the reach of this book, so in this chapter, we ll use only the facilities that are needed to develop and host RS with web forms. You can learn more details about ASP .NET here:
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