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Generating DataMatrix in VB.NET TRACKING

CHAPTER 5: Messaging and Groupware
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Most of the content with ASP.NET happens to be dynamic. However, there are still many instances where websites have sections that have static content. If you want to make such sections localizable, again the .NET Framework provides the tools to perform such tasks. You learned in an earlier section that you can localize the content implicitly or explicitly. There is also one other tool you can use, the <asp:Localize></asp:Localize> tags. These tags look similar to that of the Label or Textbox controls; however, you will not be able to find them in the Toolbox. The main advantage of this tool is apparent when you need to provide some static content, for instance, a copyright message or disclaimer that is often found at the bottom of web pages. Here you would not have to use a Label control; instead, you use the Localize control, and the content itself has the ability to be altered not only in the Resource Editor but within the design view of the .aspx page as well.
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As you ve seen already, HTML is at the heart of the Silverlight experience. Silverlight is a plug-in for the browser, after all. You ve seen a number of pieces of this HTML already, but for reference, the complete HTML is here. This contains the JavaScript references to the Silverlight.js, CreateSilverlight.js, and Code.js files, which are the Silverlight SDK script, the script containing the createSilverlight function, and the script containing the event-handler code, respectively. It also sets up a <style> tag to define the dimensions of the <div> that contains the Silverlight control, and the <div> itself, which is populated by the results of the call to createSilverlight.
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addObserver:self selector:@selector(accessoryDisconnected:) name:EAAccessoryDidDisconnectNotification object:nil]; [[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] addObserver:self selector:@selector(pbPressed:) name:@"PBPRESSED" object:nil]; [[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] addObserver:self selector:@selector(potTurned:) name:@"POTTURNED" object:nil]; [[EAAccessoryManager sharedAccessoryManager] registerForLocalNotifications]; if ([[[EAAccessoryManager sharedAccessoryManager] count] > 0) { NSLog(@"Connected accessories"); } else { NSLog(@"NO Connected accessories"); } _accessoryController = [GameController sharedController]; _accessoryList = [[NSMutableArray alloc] initWithArray:[[EAAccessoryManager sharedAccessoryManager] connectedAccessories]]; connectedAccessories]
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There are other problems with outlying values. The use of an extreme value to replace a null is not the only reason for a slightly odd data distribution that ends up causing bad execution plans. The same effect can also appear because people sometimes use an unusual value to represent special events. Consider, for example, an accounting system that has a period column storing data for periods 1 to 12 plus a period (for adjustments) that is given a number of 99. The script discrete_01.sql in the online code suite emulates this (and also includes a second option, where the special period is number 13): create table t1 as with generator as ( select --+ materialize rownum id from all_objects where rownum <= 1000 ) select /*+ ordered use_nl(v2) */ mod(rownum-1,13) period_01, mod(rownum-1,13) period_02 from generator v1, generator v2 where rownum <= 13000 ; update t1 set period_01 = 99, period_02 = 13 where period_01 = 0; ; commit; As you can see, I have set up a table with two period columns. Both of these columns hold 13 distinct values, with 1,000 rows for each value. But one column uses 13 (the next possible integer) as its adjustments period, the other uses the far-out value of 99.
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To find the difference between two dates, you would use the function DATEDIFF(). The syntax for this function is DATEDIFF(datepart, startdate, enddate) The first option contains the same options as for DATEADD(), and startdate and enddate are the two days you wish to compare. A negative number shows that the enddate is before the startdate.
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Where possible, avoid using large discriminated unions in framework APIs, especially if you expect there is a chance that the representation of information in the discriminated union will undergo revision and change. For frameworks, you should typically hide the type or use active patterns to reveal the ability to pattern-match over language constructs. 9 describes active patterns. This doesn t apply to the use of discriminated unions internal to an assembly or to an application. Likewise, it doesn t apply if the only likely future change is the addition of further cases, and you re willing to require that client code be revised for these cases. Finally, active patterns can incur a performance overhead, and this should be measured and tested, although their benefits frequently outweigh this cost.
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We packaged the advanced portlet the same way we packaged the first portlet. We also deployed the advanced portlet with the same deployment tool and command line, substituting our new WAR file s path. You will need to add the new portlet application to the portletentityregistry.xml file that we edited for the first portlet. With both portlet applications, it should look like this:
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set { intEmployeeID = value; } } public string FirstName { get { return strFirstName; } set { strFirstName = value; } } public string LastName { get { return strLastName; } set { strLastName = value; } } public string HomePhone { get { return strHomePhone; } set { strHomePhone = value; } } public string Notes { get { return strNotes; }
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(deny default)
Table 19-2 summarizes the .NET guidelines for naming and capitalization in code. We ve added our own recommendations for how these should be adjusted for some F# constructs. This table refers to the following categories of names: PascalCase: LeftButton and TopRight, for example camelCase: leftButton and topRight, for example Verb: A verb or verb phrase; performAction or SetValue, for example
<param name="bgcolor" value="${bgcolor}" /> <param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always" /> <param name="allowFullScreen" value="true" />
You can put together plenty of variations for testing ranges, as a range can be bounded or unbounded, open or closed. Using the same basic test data of 100 rows for each of 12 months, I ll start with a table of examples (see script ranges.sql in the online code suite) and results from explain plan, Table 3-4, and discuss the arithmetic afterwards.
WindowsBase.dll PresentationCore.dll PresentationFramework.dll FSharp.Core.dll
Figure 9-3. Accessing Northwind via the SQL Server data provider
CHAPTER 6: Personal Information
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