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CHAPTER 5: Messaging and Groupware
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Figure 5-2. Simple data binding example
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Figure 2-5. Output for reserved properties
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An event can be defined as an action that a user can respond to or that can be handled in the form of code. Usually events are generated by a user action, such as clicking the mouse or pressing a key. Events are associated with the controls you put in Windows Forms or web forms, and whenever you code any functionality behind a control s behavior, for example, a click of a mouse, then that associated event will be raised and the application will respond to that event. No application can be written without events. Event-driven applications execute code in response to events. Each form and control exposes a predefined set of events that you can program against. If one of these events occurs and there is code in the associated event handler, that code is invoked. Events enable a class or object to notify other classes or objects when something of interest occurs. The entire event system works in the form of the publisher and subscriber model. The class that sends or raises the event is known as the publisher, and the class that receives (or handles) that event is known as the subscriber.
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Compile and run the application, and you can test the functionality. Figure 14-5 shows what the player will look like.
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Note The BAM Management Utility has no update capabilities for BAM artifacts. You must first remove the old
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Figure 8-9. The bootstrapper install dialog box
CHAPTER 11: Advanced Build Techniques
Source directory
Listing 9-23. Excerpt of the Axis Service Definition in the server-config.wsdd File
Request parameters consist of a name as a String object, and one or more String objects as the value or values of the parameter. Sources of request parameters are parameters on portlet URLs, parameters on HTML forms, and render request parameters set during the action request processing. The parameters sent to the portlet for an action request are valid only while that action request is processed. Request parameters are valid for render request processing until the portlet gets another request for the portlet from the user. The portlet specification states that requests to change the portlet s window state or portlet mode from user interface elements on the portal page should not reset the render parameters for a portlet. We covered setting parameters on portlet URLs in 2. Action requests and render requests both read parameters with the same methods from the PortletRequest interface. The getParameter() method returns the request parameter s value, given the name of a parameter. If a request parameter could have more than one value, the getParameterValues() method will return
Under the General tab, the first and most important of these options is the Disable automatic login option. Automatic login, which will remember your password and automatically log you in, is enabled by default. While this may sound incredibly convenient, it really should be disabled. Anyone with physical access to your computer would be able to restart the computer and, if the password is remembered, not be required to enter a password in order to get access to your files. With automatic login enabled, few security measures will stop someone from accessing your files if your Mac were to fall into the wrong hands. Also under the General tab is the option to Require a password [time interval] after sleep or screen saver begins. This will require that a password be used to wake the computer after it has gone to sleep or after the screen saver has been activated. This is absolutely critical and is not enabled by default. You can also specify a time when the
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