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Figure 12-18. Call Stack window The Call Stack window is docked in the lower section of the IDE. Let s take a closer look in Figure 12-19 at what the Call Stack window shows.
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public List<OrderItem> Items { get; set; } } //--------------------------------------------// Define the exception to be thrown if an item // is out of stock //--------------------------------------------public class OutOfStockException : Exception { public OutOfStockException() : base() { } public OutOfStockException(string message) : base(message) { } } }
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In this example, you ll see how to access Northwind with OLE DB. 1. In Solution Explorer, add a new Visual Basic Console Application project named OleDbProvider to the 09 solution. Rename the Module1.vb file to OleDbProvider.vb. In the code editor, replace the generated code with the code in Listing 9-2, which shows the changes to Listing 9-1 in bold. Listing 9-2. OleDbProvider.vb Imports System Imports System.Data Imports System.Data.OleDb Module OleDbProvider Sub Main() 'Set up connection string Dim conn As New OleDbConnection conn.ConnectionString = "Provider=sqloledb;Data Source=. \sqlexpress;" & _ "Initial Catalog=Northwind;Integrated Security=sspi" 'Set up query string Dim sql As String = "select * from employees" 'Declare data reader variable Dim reader As OleDbDataReader = Nothing Try ' Open connection conn.Open() ' Execute the query Dim cmd As New OleDbCommand(sql, conn) reader = cmd.ExecuteReader() ' Display output header Console.WriteLine("This program demonstrates the use of " & _ "the OLE DB Data Provider.") Console.WriteLine("Querying database {0} with query {1}" & _ ControlChars.NewLine, conn.Database, cmd.CommandText) Console.WriteLine("First Name" + ControlChars.Tab & _ "Last Name" + ControlChars.Lf) ' Process the result set
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While working with the XML data type, you saw that it heavily uses XQuery expressions. The XQuery expressions are in turn based on XPath syntax. In 4, you were introduced to XPath functions. The XQuery specifications support almost all the functions that you learned earlier.
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Note Take care when building indexes. It is possible to use the same columns in the same order more
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Now when you run your application, clicking the button will cause the list to fly in from the left as it slowly fades in. This is a very simple example of an animation and an interaction that have been designed with Blend. No designer in his right mind would do something like this, but it shows the technology and how it works. With a little experimentation, you can build on this to produce the perfect interface for your needs. In the next section, you ll see how a programmer can take this work and add real data to the interaction using Visual Studio.
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MMS messages can be addressed to mobile phone numbers, but also to short codes, email addresses, even IP addresses. This offers a great deal of flexibility when designing your application architecture. Instead of a peer-to-peer app design, you might choose to send data over MMS to an email address and have a server component that receives those messages and acts on them. Therefore, while the general form of constructing a MessageConnection is similar to that for SMS messages, you have more options available.
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Figure 4-2. The Visual Studio 2005 IDE with the RSWin101 project loaded
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Scanning Networks with ARD
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