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6: Reporting with Web Services and Mobile Devices
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Figure 17-9. Partially completed CompensableActivity
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Memoizing Construction of Syntax Tree Nodes
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Once you ve selected the desired boot option, press and hold the identifier button until all status indicators light sequentially. Release the button, and the system will finish booting. If you want to select the optical drive, you need to press the identifier an additional time once you ve inserted the disk.
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> #r "FSharp.PowerPack.dll";; > open Microsoft.FSharp.Math;; > vector [ 1.0; 2.0 ; 3.0 ] + vector [ 1.0; 2.0 ; 3.0 ];; val it : Vector<float> = vector [2.0; 4.0; 6.0] > matrix [ [ 1.0; 2.0 ]; [ 1.0; 3.0 ] ] * matrix [ [ 1.0; -2.0 ]; [ 0.5; 3.0 ] ];; val it : Math.matrix = matrix [[2.0; 4.0]; [2.5; 7.0];] Table 10-11 summarizes the primary properties of these types. Table 10-11. The Microsoft.FSharp.Math Matrix and Vector Types
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Begin by listing the namespaces the application will use. Notice the inclusion of Microsoft.Maps.Control, which will allow you to manipulate Bing Maps control, and System.Device, which will allow you to work with geoCoordinateWatcher, which will retrieve the location data from GPS, Wi-Fi, or cellular towers. using using using using using System; System.Windows; Microsoft.Phone.Controls; Microsoft.Maps.MapControl; System.Device.Location;
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Obtaining Visual Studio 2008
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The output would simply indicate that the Safari.app checks clean against the tests performed:
Figure 12-13. Configure return type Then change to the design view of the Flex application and drop in a DataGrid control. Now you can bind the DataGrid and the service operation. Figure 12-14 shows how the getAllBooks operation can be bound to the DataGrid.
Let s create a stored procedure that produces a list of the names of employees in the Northwind database. It requires no input and doesn t need to set a return value. 1. In Object Explorer, expand the Northwind node, expand the Programmability node, right-click the Stored Procedures node, and click New Stored Procedure . (See Figure 12-1.)
This XML document represents a list of employees. The <employees> element forms the document element and contains three <employee> child elements. The <employee> element has an attribute called employeeid and four subelements: <firstname>, <lastname>, <homephone>, and <notes>. The <notes> element contains descriptive data that is stored as CDATA. To create an XML file, you can enlist the help of the Visual Studio IDE, which enables you to quickly create XML documents by auto-completing end tags, putting attributes in quotes, and showing errors related to the document not being well formed. Because we will be using this file often, I recommend that you create it and keep it in a handy location on your hard disk.
CHAPTER 9: RIM Security
Download at
4. Click the cursor in the number 1 field of the dialog box, and then click the first
Figure 8-27. Multiple output As you have seen, it is possible to limit the number of records to be returned via the WHERE clause; we can return records up to a certain point, after a certain point, or even between two points with the use of an AND statement. It is also possible to exclude rows that are not equal to a specific value or range of values by using the NOT statement or the <> operator. When the SQL Server data engine executes the T-SQL SELECT statement, it is the WHERE statement that is dealt with before any ordering of the data, or any limitation placed on it concerning the number of rows to return. The data is inspected, where possible using an index, to determine whether a row stored in the relevant table matches the selection criteria within the WHERE statement, and if it does, to return it. If an index cannot be used, then a full table scan will be performed to find the relevant information. Table scans can present a large performance problem within your system, and you will find that if a query has to perform a table scan, then data retrieval could be very slow, depending on the size of the table being scanned. If the table is small with only a small number of records, then a table scan is likely to retrieve data more quickly than the use of an index. However, table scanning and the speed of data retrieval will be the biggest challenge you will face as a SQL Server developer. With data retrieval, it is important to bear in mind that whenever possible, if you are using a WHERE clause to limit the records returned, you should try to specify the columns from an index definition in this WHERE clause. By doing this, you will be giving the query the best chance for optimum performance.
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