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set the number of pages in the feeder to scan in one sitting. If your scanner does not have an automatic document feeder, you can do this manually by changing the paper yourself immediately after the previous paper has been scanned.
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CHAPTER 4: Storage
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Using Your Themes
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So far, we have been reviewing data that has been produced by the random number generator, and when we have indexed pairs of columns, they have been independent columns. We have avoided any risk of confusing the issue by using dependent (correlated) columns in our predicates, and this happens to be the way the optimizer assumes the world is always going to be. When you have data where there is some statistical relationship between two columns in the same table, odd results can appear. To investigate the issue, we re going to start with the same data set that we used in the first test case of 4: create table t1 as select trunc(dbms_random.value(0,25)) rpad('x',40) trunc(dbms_random.value(0,20)) lpad(rownum,10,'0') rpad('x',200) from all_objects where rownum <= 10000 ;
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bool isEncrypted=false; // checking the headers if (requestHeaders["X-Encrypt"] != null && requestHeaders["X-Encrypt"].Equals("yes")) { isEncrypted = true; byte[] IV = Convert.FromBase64String( (String) requestHeaders["X-EncryptIV"]); // decrypt the request requestStream = EncryptionHelper.ProcessInboundStream( requestStream, _encryptionAlgorithm, _encryptionKey, IV); }
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<fx:Declarations> <s:HTTPService url="assets/xml/employees.xml" resultFormat="e4x" result="resultHandler(event); " fault="faultHandler(event); "/> </fx:Declarations>
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Now you ll use the InvokeMethod activity to execute the ComputeDiscount() method. Drag an InvokeMethod activity onto your workflow just before the Check Stock activity. Enter the DisplayName property as Calculate Discount.
And, as a reminder, you can check for existing fields before setting or adding them. You also can remove values from previously set fields. The following code does both.
In the first example, PopDataSet (Listing 8-1), you saw how simple it is to get data into a dataset. The second example, FilterSort (Listing 8-2), was just a variation, demonstrating how multiple result sets are handled and how to filter and sort data tables. However, the two programs have one major difference. Did you notice it FilterSort doesn t explicitly open a connection! In fact, it s the first (but won t be the last) program you ve written that doesn t. Why doesn t it The answer is simple but very important. The Fill method automatically opens a connection if it s not open when Fill() is called. It then closes the connection after filling the dataset. However, if a connection is open when Fill() is called, it uses that connection and doesn t close it afterward. So, although datasets are completely independent of databases (and connections), just because you re using a dataset doesn t mean you re running disconnected from a database. If you want to run disconnected, use datasets, but don t open connections before filling them (or, if a connection is open, close it first). Datasets in themselves don t imply either connected or disconnected operations.
You did a couple interesting things here. First, you changed the label for the last year to the year itself rather than a string, showing that the <when operand> can be a data value (here, in fact, the result of a function applied to a column):
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