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The <item> elements are also rather better equipped. In addition to the <title> and <link> elements, we have a description. This is usually populated with an abstract of the content that is to be covered in the associated link:
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You can see Expression Blend, with the Project and Design windows open, in Figure 16-8.
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4. Click on the SELECT INTO statement entry and you ll see an Index Results window at the bottom of the screen offering alternatives to the first topic, which is displayed in the window above it. (See Figure 2-36.) Filtering helps reduce your having to deal with alternatives that may not be relevant to your needs, but alternatives do frequently occur.
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Display information about kernel module Insert specified module into the kernel, as well as any others it relies on -k: Set module s autoclean flag so it will be removed from memory after inactivity -r: Remove specified module as well as any it relies on to operate
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PlantData(int i) : id(i) { if (connection->Open() == true) { Console::WriteLine("Opened connection for id {0}.", id); } } public: static PlantData^ GetPlantData(int id) { return gcnew PlantData(id); } void Use() { Console::WriteLine("Using id {0}.", id); // Query database. // Update records, etc. } ~PlantData() { connection->Close(); Console::WriteLine("Closing connection for id {0}.", id); } }; // Using stack semantics: destructor called. void f_stack(int i) { auto_handle<PlantData> data = PlantData::GetPlantData(i); data->Use(); } int main() { f_stack(1); } The output verifies that the destructor is called when the auto_handle goes out of scope: Opened connection for id 1. Using id 1. Closing connection for id 1.
CHAPTER 7: Browser
EAAccessory Class Constants
NOTE: The negative side of deploying applications through Citrix to iPhone and iPod touch devices is that the application will require a constant Internet connection and will not be useful to end users while they are not online.
Note File attachments can be a risky proposition; in fact, early versions of the modification introduced
boolean isTypeMatch(String name, Class targetType)
Figure 3-15. The first screen of the wizard lets you choose a data type.
Using Digital Cameras, MP3 Players, and USB Memory Sticks
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