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We mentioned earlier in Primary Keys that no part of a primary key can be null. This is to guarantee that primary key values exist for all rows. The requirement that primary key values exist and that they be unique is known as entity integrity. To establish entity integrity, we need to define primary keys, so the DBMS can enforce their uniqueness. When we created the test_Employees table earlier we didn t define its primary key, so we didn t provide for entity integrity.
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Next, click the Privileges tab (see Figure 16 15), set Login Shell to None (which removes the new user s ability to open Terminal on the server), and uncheck the Allow simultaneous login on managed computers box (which will allow each user to log into only one machine concurrently). Scroll through each additional tab looking for any other settings you feel need to be set. Once you are satisfied with the user settings, click the Save button to create the user account.
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dscl localhost read /LDAPv3/ dsAttrTypeStandard:TrustInformation TrustInformation: Authenticated Encryption
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Setting up a Mail Server
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Users can choose their own login pictures by clicking System Preferences About Me. The About Me dialog box is designed for users to enter their personal details, such as their addresses, but they can also simply use it to choose photographs of themselves, or to simply add pictorial icons. To do this, click the empty square alongside your name at the top of the dialog box. You ll be shown a file list of default icons, or you can navigate to your own. Ideally, the image you choose should be square and 96 96 pixels, although if the picture is too large, it will be automatically scaled down. Click OK when you ve finished.
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Emptying the Cache of Package Files
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This works quite well for OLTP systems, of course, as OLTP systems tend to use the same small number of high-precision queries extremely frequently, and it is quite likely that every execution of a given statement should employ the same plan. It is possible, though, that the first time a statement is optimized, an unusual set of values was passed in through the bind variables. If this happens, the optimizer might find a path that is good for that set of values, but very bad for the more popular use of the statement.
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An Example
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CHAPTER 3: Active Directory
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Security and Passwords in SqlConnection
int main() { try { Console::WriteLine("Outer try"); try { Console::WriteLine("Inner try"); throw gcnew Exception("XYZ"); } catch( Exception^ exception) { Console::WriteLine("Inner catch"); } finally { Console::WriteLine("Inner finally"); } } catch(Exception^ exception) { Console::WriteLine("Outer catch"); } finally { Console::WriteLine("Outer finally"); } } Here is the output of Listing 10-5: Outer Inner Inner Inner Outer try try catch finally finally
Dealing with Junk E-Mail
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