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Note that you can call Close() on a closed connection, and no exception will be thrown. So, your message would have been displayed if the connection had been closed earlier, or even if it had never been opened. See Figure 5-2, where the connection failed but the close message was still displayed. In one typical case, multiple calls to both Open() and Close() make sense. ADO.NET supports disconnected processing of data, even when the connection to the data provider has been closed. The pattern looks like this:
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Table 11 10. Sections of Activity Search Page
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/Applications/MAMP/Library/bin/mysql -uroot p
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With .NET 1.1 this is the default value. The default level permits deserialization of the following types: Remoting infrastructure objects necessary for doing basic remoting tasks Primitive types and reference and value types composed of only primitives Reference- and value-types that are marked as [Serializable] but don t implement ISerializable System-provided types that implement ISerializable but don t make further permission demands System-provided, serializable types in assemblies that are not marked with the APTCA1 attribute Custom types in strong-named assemblies that are not marked with APTCA Custom types that implement ISerializable without making further demands outside serialization Types that implement ILease but are not MarshalByRef objects ObjRef objects needed for activation of CAO, which can be deserialized on clients but not on servers The full setting allows deserialization of any remoted types sent across the wire. This means ObjRef objects passed as parameters, objects that implement ISponsor, as well as objects that are inserted between the proxy and client pipeline by the IContributeEnvoySink interface are supported in addition to supported types of the Low deserialization level.
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First, you will create a new project, import all of the libraries and create service references necessary to make the weather application work. 1. 2. Launch Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone and create a new Windows Phone Application project. Name it WeatherRx. In MainPage.xaml, change the name of the application to WeatherRx and change the page title to Weather App (you are also certainly welcome to name the application and the page according to your preference). Since you will be using Rx.NET to build this application, add a reference (by right-clicking and selecting Add Reference) to Microsoft.Phone.Reactive and System.Observable assemblies.
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The best report layout is the one that reflects the nature of the data. Summary data is a good candidate for charts and graphs. Detail data often needs a list or drill-down approach. Industry-standard best practices are common for report layouts; ever wonder why all bank account statements look so similar
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Figure 9-22. The new Private Messages Inbox
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public String[] getValues(String key, String[] def)
Figure 11-36. Design of Default.aspx Default.aspx contains two hyperlink controls titled Go to Admin Folder and Go to Nonexistent File, respectively. Set the NavigateUrl property of these hyperlink controls to ~/admin/default.aspx and ~/notexists.aspx, respectively. Note that we are deliberately setting NavigateUrl of the second hyperlink to a nonexistent file. Now drag and drop a LinkButton control and set its Text property to Throw Exception. Add the code shown in Listing 11-29 in its Click event handler. Listing 11-29. Throwing an Exception protected void LinkButton1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { throw new Exception("Unexpected Error"); }
Note Because lexer rules can pass arguments, there is little need to use mutable state in a lexer instead,
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