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Figure 6-3. The clustering option in the Indexes/Keys dialog 8. Click Close and then close the table modification, answering Yes when you are asked if you wish to save the changes. This will add the index to the database. Building an index in Management Studio is a straightforward procedure, as you have just seen. Although this is the first index that you have created yourself, it took only a few moments, and there were just a couple of areas where you had to do any reasonable amount of decision making. We will cover those areas now. Choosing the name of the index and the columns to include is easy and is not worth dwelling on. You should know which columns to include from the discussions at the start of the chapter, where we examined the basics of building indexes. The first major decision you need to make is determining whether a column carries unique values. The column chosen for our first index is an identity column which, if you recall, is a column that cannot have data entered into it by any SQL command, as the data entered in to this column is completed automatically by SQL Server itself. Also, in an identity column, by default no two rows can have the same value. However, there is no automation to stop any attempt to create duplicate keys. Therefore, there is still a need to inform SQL Server that the index will be unique. Moving on to the Create As Clustered setting, the data in this table would be best held in CustomerId order. This is because each record that is inserted will have a higher CustomerId number than the previous record. Therefore, each time a record is added, it will be added to the end of the table, removing the need for a clustered index. As with the Is Unique option, the Create As Clustered option doesn t need to be selected. Finally, the Re-compute Statistics option defines whether SQL Server automatically recomputes the statistics on the index when data is modified. Take care with this option, as the dialog can cause confusion. For example, setting Re-compute Statistics to On actually switches the updating of statistics to Off.
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CHAPTER 10: iPhone
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Also, perform a cvgather on the volume (which, among other procedures, backs up the volume s configuration files) by entering this at the command line: build barcode font family
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CHAPTER 4: Storage
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The mount_nfs command has a number of options, which you can view using the man mount_nfs command. You can see all of the mounted NFS volumes for the host with showmount.
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CHAPTER 7: Browser
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Figure 10-20. iPhone Configuration Utility: SMTP email settings
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The module Microsoft.FSharp.Core.Operators includes the definition of a number of useful overloaded math operators. These are shown in Table 3-5 and are overloaded either on a suitable range of integer types or on the basic floating-point types.
To set the CommandText property: 1. Modify the Try block with the following bold code:
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