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Content delivered by a portlet would use a portlet URL for the action, rather than a hardcoded action like the previous example. Several open source or publicly available file upload libraries for servlets exist you may already be familiar with some of them. We will use the Apache Jakarta Commons File Upload library, because Jeff Sackett has contributed several classes that allow portlets to use the file upload library. Instead of using an HttpServletRequest object to parse data, the portlet extensions use the ActionRequest object. You can download the binary distribution or the source code of the 1.0 release from The portlet file upload classes are distributed with the source code for this book, under the Apache Software License.
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first remote invocation. This object is used by the framework to check whether the type has been correctly configured and whether it is accessible by the remoting framework. This first instance will immediately be thrown away without doing any work. This behavior is different with version 1.1 of the .NET Framework in this case, you won t see this additional object creation.
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Listing 12-9. VisualExpr.fs (continued): Visual Elements and Sizes for the Visual Symbolic Differentiation Application type VisualElement = | Symbol of string * ExprSize | Power of VisualElement * VisualElement * ExprSize | Sequence of VisualElement list * ExprSize | Fraction of VisualElement * VisualElement * ExprSize member self.Size = match self with | Symbol (_, size) | Power (_, _, size) | Sequence (_, size) | Fraction (_, _, size) -> size member self.Height = self.Size.height member self.Width = self.Size.width member self.Midline = self.Size.midline and ExprSize = { width: int; height: int; midline: int; } member self.CenterOnMidline size x y = x + (size.width-self.width)/2, y + (size.midline-self.midline) member self.Frac size opt = { width = max self.width size.width; height = self.height + size.height + self.FracSepHeight opt; midline = self.height + (self.FracSepHeight opt)/2; } member self.FracSepHeight (opt: RenderOptions) = max (int (opt.Pen.Width*5.0f)) 4 member self.AddPower (e: VisualElement) = { width = self.width + e.Width; height = self.height + e.Height; midline = self.midline + e.Height; } static member { width height midline ExpandOne (size: ExprSize) (e: VisualElement) = = size.width + e.Width; = max size.height e.Height; = max size.midline e.Midline; }
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Securing Files on Your Web Server
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SQL Server and other services, as defined in the Feature Selection screen (shown earlier in Figure 1-5), require you to log on to Windows before starting, just as you need to log in to Windows before using the system. SQL Server, Reporting Services, etc., can run without you or anyone being logged in to the computer the install took place on. They can run just so long as the computer has fired up successfully. This is normal when SQL Server is installed on a server that is held in a remote location like a server room. However, nothing can run on Windows without having some sort of login. If you do log in to the computer, as you likely will while working through this book because SQL Server will be running on a home or local system, then you can use this Windows user ID for SQL Server to also use to log in and start its service. This is known as a local system account. On the other hand, you can create a Windows login that exists purely for SQL Server. This could exist for several reasons. For example, your Windows account should be set up so that the password expires after so many days after being set, or locks out after a number of incorrect password attempts. This is to protect your computer and the network, amongst many other areas. However, SQL Server should use a separate account that also has an expiring password and the ability to lock the account after a number of successful attempts. This kind of nonuser-specific, generic account removes the link between SQL Server and a person within an organization. Where you are installing your SQL Server will have an affect on the decision you make. As you are just learning SQL Server 2005, let s not make it complicated at this point; I assume that this install will be for you to use to learn SQL Server. Therefore, just select Use the Built-in System Account/Local System as you see in Figure 1-8. You can also define what services start when the computer is started up. Keep the defaults at the moment as you can always change these later via the Services icon within the Control Panel. Click next.
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Whatever it may look like at first sight of the execution plan, the join order for this query is t1 t2 t3. Oracle hashes t3 into memory, then hashes t1 into memory, then starts to read t2. For each row in t2 Oracle probes the t1 hash for a match, so the first join is t1 t2; and if the first probe is successful, Oracle probes the t3 hash for a match, so the second join is t2 t3 although, technically, you should say the second join is (t1 t2) t3. Our task is to work out how the optimizer got an intermediate cardinality of 62,500 for the t1 t2 hash, and how it then got a cardinality of 9,551 by joining t3 to the intermediate result set. We just have to take it in steps. First join t2 to t1 you will appreciate that I have avoided filter predicates and nulls just to keep the example simple but it really is just a question of applying the formula repeatedly and using the right numbers. We have two columns in the join from t1 to t2, so we apply the selectivity for each in turn (remembering to check for the multicolumn sanity check if we are running 10g): Join Selectivity = {join1 bit} * {join2 bit} = ((10000 - 0) / 10000) * (10000 - 0) / 10000)) / greater (36 , 40) * ((10000 - 0) / 10000) * (10000 - 0) / 10000)) / greater (38 , 40) = 1/1600 Join Cardinality = 1 / 1600 * 10000 * 10000 = 62,500 Now we have an intermediate table of 62,500 rows, and we have another table to join to it this time with three join columns. Again we apply the formula: Join Selectivity = {join2 bit} * {join3 bit} * {join4 bit} = ((10000 - 0) / 10000) * (10000 - 0) / 10000)) / greater( 37, 38) *
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Try It Out: Setting the Connection Property
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CHAPTER 4 s REPORTING WITH WINDOWS FORMS reading barcode sample code 128 freeware
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When to Use
Understanding Kerberos
For most server environments, this default setting will likely work out pretty well. The regular expression used here allows access to both /Users and the standard network home directory location used in OS X; /Network/Servers/ At these locations we will rely on POSIX and ACL-based access controls to ensure users have access to only their own data. If we are providing solely sftp access to users, then we only care to import shell.dependencies from our profile. If we will be providing user shells as well, we can uncomment the line to allow applications defined by shell.whitelisted-apps also.
Another common mistake is to set a class to be bindable and then assign each property in a class to be bindable as well.
public interface UserDetailsService { UserDetails loadUserByUsername(String username) throws UsernameNotFoundException, DataAccessException; } Listing 7-12 shows the interface that this UserDetails object must implement.
Note If you used an interface-based remoting approach, you might first have to cast your proxy object to
CHAPTER 8: Digging in Deep
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