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Around the time Linus created Linux, another project, called GNU, also existed. This project team also hoped to create an operating system that used Unix as its inspiration, while avoiding some of the pitfalls that had blighted that operating system, both technically and in terms of its licensing. GNU is a so-called recursive acronym that stands for GNU s Not Unix, a play on words favored by computer programmers. GNU s parent organization, the Free Software Foundation (FSF), had been formed eight years prior to Torvalds s effort, and since that time, had produced the majority of the core software that Linux desperately needed. However, as luck would have it, FSF lacked the essential functionality of the kernel. The developers were in the process of creating their own kernel, but it had not come to fruition. The GNU software was distributed for free to anyone who wanted it. The source code was also made available, so users could adapt and change the programs to meet their own needs (in fact, Torvalds had used the GNU model when deciding how to distribute Linux). Richard Stallman is the man behind GNU and, along with Linus Torvalds, is the second accidental hero in our story. Stallman had been around since the Dark Ages of computing, back when wardrobe-sized computers were time-shared among users who used small desktop terminals to access them. Like Torvalds, Stallman started GNU as a personal project, but then found others who were more than willing to join his cause.
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Figure 6-11. Installing diagramming support 3. The first screen you ll see when creating the diagram is the Add Table dialog (see Figure 6-12). Select all of the tables listed, as you want to use all the tables in your diagram, and then click Add. This will empty the screen. Click Close.
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mind. Never configure too many privileges for such accounts to limit damage if one of your services gets hacked. Configure as few privileges as possible.
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Avoiding Comment Spam
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Building Secure ASP .NET Applications: Authentication, Authorization, and Secure Communication
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Shared Accessory Manager
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CHAPTER 6: Personal Information
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Yahoo! Maps API
AirPort Extreme (N)
Figure 8 4. ClamXav engine install
Window States
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