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Data binding is a powerful feature, allowing your application to make the most of rendering data dynamically, and making it simple to synchronize bound controls with the underlying data source.
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Join Cardinality = (1 / 50) * 10000/30 * 10000/40 = 333 * 250 / 50 = 1,666.66
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When using this sink, you can simply add it to your client-side sink chain in the configuration file, as shown here: <configuration> <system.runtime.remoting> <application> <channels> <channel ref="http"> <clientProviders> <formatter ref="soap" /> <provider type="UrlAuthenticationSink.UrlAuthenticationSinkProvider, UrlAuthenticationSink" /> </clientProviders> </channel> </channels> </application> </system.runtime.remoting> </configuration>
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CD Collection.
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You may notice some strange stuff in Table 4-6, and that is not surprising. As you may notice, when you drag a column from the dataset to table1, the process changes the Value property of the text box. However, the Name property stays as its default that s why you see textbox1, textbox10, and so on. At the same time, both the Name and Value properties of the table1 detail row (TableRow2) are changed automatically for you. To set the last three properties that apply to TableRow1, see the next section, which talks about beautification.
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Window States
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You can use Prepare() even if you only execute a command once, but it s a waste of your time and the computer s. For example, you could change Module1.vb as follows:
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Set Transport to HTTP. Set URI to the URL being posted to (https://Sample). Set the pipeline to the default XMLTransmit pipeline.
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2. Now you will make the AddNames form an MDI child form. To do so, you need to set the MdiParent property to the name of the MDI parent form, but in the code editor. Add the following code as you have done in the previous step: an.MdiParent=Me After adding this line, the code will appear as follows: Dim an As AddNames = New AddNames an.MdiParent = Me an.Show() 3. Now you have all the code functionality in place, and you are almost set to run the application. But first, you have to bring all the controls to the MDI form, ParentForm in this case, and so you need to set ParentForm as the startup object. To do so, select the WinApp project, right-click, and select Properties. Set the Startup Form drop-down to ParentForm(see Figure 14-17 earlier in the chapter for reference). 4. Now build the solution, and run the application by pressing F5; the MDI application will open and should appear as shown in Figure 14-19.
series share the same form factor and physical characteristics. For example, all BlackBerry Curve devices have a QWERTY keyboard, a trackball, and a 2-megapixel camera. The final two digits for modern BlackBerry devices complete the model number, and identify what radio technologies are available on the device. Radios include both the cellular technology and also Wi-Fi and GPS. xx00: GSM xx10: GSM with GPS xx20: GSM with Wi-Fi xx30: CDMA xx50: CDMA with Wi-Fi xx50i: iDEN For example, the 8120, 8320, and 8820 all look different, but each is a GSM-compatible device with Wi-Fi capabilities. The model-number naming scheme can be inconsistent at times, particularly on older models, so you should verify with your particular device early in a project if you are depending on the presence of certain capabilities.
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