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This works in the same way as a CREATE TABLE statement is expected to work. Though we ve said the xml data type is different from other SQL Server data types, columns of xml type are defined just like any other columns.
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Another method for creating views is by using T-SQL code in a Query Editor pane, in my experience the fastest and best option. This can be a faster method for building views than using SQL Server Management Studio, especially as you become more experienced with T-SQL commands. This section will demonstrate the T-SQL syntax required to create a view, which you will soon see is very straightforward. The SELECT statement forms the basis for most views, so this is where most of the emphasis is placed when developing a view. By getting the SELECT statement correct and retrieving the required data, it can then be easily transformed into a view. This is how the view in the following example is created, so let s look at building a view using T-SQL and a Query Editor pane. In the following example, we will create a view that returns a list of transactions for each customer with some customer information.
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String sender = mms.getAddress(); String subject = mms.getSubject();
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New Name ListComponent.mxml TagsDataList.mxml TagRepeatedItem.mxml TagsListThumb.mxml TagsListTrack.mxml TagsListUpButton.mxml TagsListDownButton.mxml TagsListVerticalScrollbar.mxml AxisButton.mxml MaxButton.mxml MinButton.mxml SearchTextInput.mxml
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But if you use code like this, don t forget to sanitize strParamZIP before passing it to the database to avoid injection attacks. By sanitize, I mean that you should evaluate the value contained within strParamZIP and make sure it s a valid postal code, not some other (invalid) text. Now if you run your application, your query string can contain a postal code, and the query results for that postal code will be displayed. Figure 4-18 shows an example of this where I used a postal code of 14111.
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Figure 11-17. Nested grid with row and column rulers With innerGrid selected, in the Properties panel s Search box, type Definitions. This will display the RowDefinitions and ColumnDefinitions properties, as shown in Figure 11-18.
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marks them as spam. If Site2 shares the spam tables, it will be automatically protected from this spammer s attacks. Listing 6-4 shows the $db_prefix variable configured to share spam tables. Listing 6-4. Sharing Spam Tables $db_prefix = array( 'default' 'sequences' 'spam_tokens' 'spam_statistics' 'spam_comments' 'spam_custom' 'spam_nodes' );
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Figure 1-22. Executing FlexUnit tests
ServerAdmin Backups and Change Monitoring
In the following text, I show you how an asynchronous request is generated and how the response is handled. The example I ll use is based on the following custom sinks: MyMessageSink: A custom IMessageSink MyResponseSink: A sink created by MyMessageSink as a handler for the asynchronous response MyChannelSink: A custom IClientChannelSink implementation Regardless of whether the request is synchronous or asynchronous, the IMessageSink chain is handled before any calls to a IClientChannelSink. Immediately before the first call to IClientChannelSink.AsyncProcessRequest(), a ClientSinkStack object is instantiated and gets a reference to the IMessageSink reply chain. You can see the beginning of an asynchronous call in Figure 11-9.
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