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To maintain application scalability, the server sends the results of the page rendering to the client, and in its memory, cleans up everything for a particular session. The server now forgets about the page, and control is returned to the browser. Information that is necessary for the server to remember the page again at the next session is stored in view state, and the page is initialized with this information on the next postback.
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Error message that appears when the kernel program in Linux cannot continue to work. In other words, a polite way of indicating a crash or, more often, a problem arising from user misconfiguration. This is most often seen when booting up after making incorrect changes to the system.
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Figure 9-11. File explorer showing additional storage space This completes the file explorer. Now you can apply these concepts to your own persistent storage implementations in your Silverlight applications.
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CHAPTER 16: Server Security
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You will build the user interface in Visual Studio with XAML. For building simple controls, it is faster to work with the XAML code. Go to Solution Explorer, open MainPage.xaml, and replace the XAML you find there with the following code snippets.
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CHAPTER 3: Active Directory
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final String content = (String)message.getContent(); assertTrue( content.contains("User username has updated one of their timesheets.")); } Although this test is complicated by the need to configure a Velocity engine and provide this to the implementation, the test takes the same form. We treat the Velocity engine as infrastructure that can be assumed reliable. Because it is easier to use the real thing than create a mock object, we do so. The test is also made slightly more complicated by the need to extract the sender, recipient, subject, and content details from the MimeMessage. Rather than try to parse the HTML generated by the default Velocity template that we are using, or to rewrite the template itself, we treat the message as a string and check that it contains the desired text somewhere. This does not absolutely test the message contents for correctness (the HTML might be malformed, causing the text to be hidden from the recipient), but is sufficient for our purposes. Unit tests cannot test everything; we would add a more detailed test only if later problems with the HTML content suggested that the additional effort was worthwhile. Listing 10-22 shows the test for the third implementation of the EmailDao that incorporates attachments into the message body.
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visudo f /etc/sudoers.inprogress
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The key to establishing dominance with your iPhone application, even though it might be short-lived, centers on being unique. Your app needs to be different from the rest of the pack. You want to stand out. Imagine being the first person to come out with a meet-up application or developing the first flight simulator app for the iPhone. You could charge whatever you want (within reason). We ve all heard the rags-to-riches stories. Steve Demeter, developer of Trism, made $250,000 profit in two months. Bart Decrem, CEO of Tapulous and developer of Tap Tap Revenge, has seen millions of downloads. Unfortunately, and no one is saying this out loud, but, for the vast majority of us, those days are long gone. Or are they At the Apple Developer s Conference in 2009, Apple made an announcement almost as significant as the iPhone itself. Apple was opening up the hardware interface to the iPhone for developers to create new accessories of their own. And with that
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6. Expand the Text Editor node. Expand the All Languages node and click the Tabs node. Make the information consistent with Figure 2-25. This changes tab and indentation to three spaces. Click OK.
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Using the automatic workarea_size_policy, the DBA sets an accounting target for Oracle that defines a limit on the total amount of memory that should be in use across all processes for the bulk-memory operations such as sorting, hash joins, creating indexes, and bitmap index operations. Various parts of the Oracle kernel code then cooperate to check current memory allocation, avoid allocating excessive memory, and release memory that is not needed. Of course, memory related to PL/SQL operations (such as array processing) falls outside the control of this mechanism, although the allocation is still tracked for accounting purposes and has an impact on the amount of memory allowed to other work areas. (You may have problems with systems where sessions connect and disconnect extremely rapidly, as checking of the limit only occurs every three seconds.) There are many parameters (mostly hidden) affecting the details of operation but there are two critical details that matter most: by default, any one work area for a serial operation is allowed a maximum of 5% of the pga_aggregate target, and a work area for a parallel operation is limited so that the total across all slaves involved in that operation is no more than 30% of the pga_aggregate_target with an upper limit of 5% for each slave, which means that you only see the effect of the 30% limit if you have queries with a degree of parallelism greater than six (since 5 * 6 = 30). The hidden parameter _smm_max_size shows the limit for serial execution, and _smm_px_ max_size shows the limit for parallel execution. A further parameter is the _smm_min_size, which shows the smallest effective memory allocation that a session will get for a work area. In, this seems to default to 0.1% of the pga_aggregate_target, with a minimum value of 128KB, and a maximum of 1MB. Given that a single session may have several bulk-memory operations running concurrently, there is a further parameter that is the limiting target for a single session, the _pga_max_size that defaults to 200MB; and in fact, a secondary limit on the default value for the _smm_max_size is that it should be no more than half the _pga_max_size (although we saw in 12 that hash joins seem to base their arithmetic on double the _smm_ max_size and may be allowed some leeway in overshooting the _smm_max_size at run time). We can get some idea of how Oracle makes best use of memory by running the same sample code as before (see script sort_demo_01b.sql in the online code suite) but setting workarea_ size_policy to its default value of auto with a pga_aggregate_target of 200MB. The effect is that our process has a limit of 10MB (5% of 200MB) imposed on the sort operation, and we know that our sample code needs about 25.5MB for an in-memory sort. After running the query, we see in v$mystat that the UGA memory max has gone up by 9.7MB, and the PGA memory max has gone up by 10.7MB. So it looks as if the session has been allowed to acquire the full 10MB limit to do this sort. However, if we look at the 10032 and 10033 trace files, we observe an oddity (the following is an extract of the critical details): Recording Recording Recording Recording Recording Recording Recording run run run run run run run at at at at at at at 404489 4042e0 40425f 4041df 404181 403947 403a29 for for for for for for for 598 127 128 162 198 226 111 blocks blocks blocks blocks blocks blocks blocks
Once the namespace is defined and is in use, you can access the attributes and elements. Using XMLBuddy and E4X, you can easily set the elements you need (see Figure 10-13).
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