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-(void)touchesMoved:(NSSet *)touches withEvent:(UIEvent *)event { UITouch *touch = [[event allTouches] anyObject]; CGPoint location = [touch locationInView:touch.view]; CGPoint xLocation = CGPointMake(location.x,; = xLocation; if ( > (self.view.bounds.size.width /2)) if ( > (self.view.bounds.size.width /2)+101) playerPaddle.image = playerPaddleRightUp; else playerPaddle.image = playerPaddleRight; else if ( < (self.view.bounds.size.width /2)-101) playerPaddle.image = playerPaddleLeftUp; else playerPaddle.image = playerPaddleLeft; }
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For example, if you want to create an alias list of all your servers, which are named afpserver1, afpserver2, odserver1, odserver2, adserver1, and adserver2, then you could use *server for the Host_Alias. Additionally, you can use specific IP addresses or IP addresses with a subnet defined. The Host_Alias comes in handy when you are pushing out a sudoers file to a large number of machines and want to have different options for different hosts. An example of a Host_Alias configuration might include the following:
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If you are looking to become a DBA, how and where do you get started Do you get a specific degree Do you try to land a junior DBA job somewhere How do you get your DBA career started without having experience as a DBA What options do you have for breaking into this career path As with most professional fields, becoming a DBA can seem daunting. It can be tough to get started as a DBA because most of the time it comes down to someone giving you the break that you need. You need someone to give you the right opportunity, and before you can get that opportunity, you need to start preparing yourself. And how, exactly, are you to prepare yourself for a job you do not know much about
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CHAPTER 9: Encrypting Files and Volumes
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You can use a number of different comparison operators in a WHERE clause (see Table 5-1). Table 5-1. Comparison Operators
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(regex "^(/Network/Servers(/.*) /) /Users/")
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n Tip In previous projects, you used the Invoke() method of the WorkflowInvoker class to start a WorkflowApplication. This approach starts the workflow synchronously; the workflow will execute on the caller s thread. This means that the application will be blocked until the workflow becomes idle. That s not what you want in this project. You want to start the workflow on its own thread while the application can continue to respond to events (and incoming messages). Using the Run() method accomplishes this.
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Figure 11-2. Proxies with identity
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Open Directory
<s:SimpleText width="50" text="{num.toString()}" click="num++" />
How It Works
Using Master Pages
Open the AddLead.xaml.cs file and add the following namespace: using System.Activities.Tracking; Add the following class member to hold a reference to the tracking participant. It should go just before the AddLead() constructor: private ListBoxTrackingParticipant _tracking; Add the following code to the Loaded event handler. This calls a method that you will implement to set up the tracking participant. // Set up the tracking participants CreateTrackingParticipant(); Then add the following code to the SetupInstance() method, which will register the extension with the WorkflowInstance class: // Set up tracking i.Extensions.Add(_tracking); Finally, the implementation for the CreateTrackingParticipant() method is shown in Listing 13-2. Add this method to the AddLead class. Listing 13-2. Implementation of the CreateTrackingParticipant method private void CreateTrackingParticipant() { _tracking = new ListBoxTrackingParticipant(this.lstEvents) { TrackingProfile = new TrackingProfile() {
info command can also be used.
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