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Figure 4-9. Signing into SQL Server 2005
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5. When you ve finished, save the file. 6. Reboot for the settings to take effect.
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Figure 20-18. Variables defined for this activity Close the variables section. Drag a WriteLine activity to the Sequence, enter the DisplayName as Execute Activity, and enter The activity is executing for the Text property. This simulates the normal execution of the workflow activity. Drag another WriteLine activity to the Sequence; for the Text property; enter the following code, which displays some information about the transaction to help with debugging: "Amount = $" + transactionData.Amount.ToString() + ", # since oper eval = " + operatorData.NumberSinceLastEval.ToString() + ", # since activity eval = " + activityData.NumberSinceLastEval.ToString() Now you ll check to see if the activity needs to be reviewed. Drag an Interop activity to the Sequence and set the DisplayName to QCPolicy. For the Body property, select Browse for types , expand the QCPolicy assembly, and select the QCPolicy activity. All the DependencyProperty objects that you defined for the QCPolicy activity should now show as properties of the Interop activity. There will also be an output property used for passing the updated data back. There is a corresponding argument or variable
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CHAPTER 5: Reviewing Logs and Monitoring
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Figure 5-16. Primary key defined 3. However, this is not all that happens, as you will see. Save the table modifications by clicking the Save button. Click the Manage Indexes/Keys button on the toolbar. This brings up the dialog box shown in Figure 5-17. Look at the Type, the third option down in the General section. It says Primary Key. Notice that a key definition has been created for you, with a name and the selected column, informing you that the index is unique and clustered (more on indexes and their relation to primary keys in 6).
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loop is used to take care of general housekeeping while important events interrupt that loop to be serviced. The next chapter begins with an in-depth look at the software tools Apple provides to permit our app to communicate with external hardware accessories.
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Now, we have the header and body sections added to our report. As we do always, let s work on the header first. Please drag and drop the following report items inside the header section: A text box item for the report title A text box item for the company name A text box item for the print date A text box item for the page number
Between Low and High Cardinality (Change)
Native and managed arrays may be initialized when they are created using array initialization syntax. An array initializer consists of a list of values separated by commas. Unlike the initializer for native arrays, the equal sign is not used in the managed array initializer. If the array is multidimensional, curly braces are nested. Listing 5-18 illustrates various initializers, showing the native and managed equivalents side by side.
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