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The Forum Index page is the front page to your forums and contains some very useful timesaving features. It has links to quick searches (some of which are available only to registered users, as explained in the Searching Forums section later in this chapter), a convenient login form, and a look at who is browsing the forums with the Who s Online feature. The forums tell you when the last post was made and who made it, and if there is anything new since your last visit (if you are logged in). The Forum Index page also showcases the newest member to the board, which is a very useful feature in building your community, as it gives users the opportunity to welcome the new users. Finally, the Forum Index page gives some brief statistics on how many users have ever been online at the same time, which can be a fun fact to have.
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bitmap <- new Bitmap(form.ClientSize.Width, form.ClientSize.Height) bmpw <- form.ClientSize.Width bmph <- form.ClientSize.Height updateView() let zoom amount (tlx, tly) (brx, bry) = let w, h = abs(brx - tlx), abs(tly - bry) let nw, nh = amount * w, amount * h tl <- (tlx + (w - nw) / 2., tly - (h - nh) / 2.) br <- (brx - (w - nw) / 2., bry + (h - nh) / 2.) rect <- Rectangle.Empty updateView() let selectDropDownItem (l:ToolStripMenuItem) (o:ToolStripMenuItem) = for el in l.DropDownItems do let item = (el : > ToolStripMenuItem) item.Checked <- (o = item) let setFillMode (p:ToolStripMenuItem) (m:ToolStripMenuItem) filler _ = if (not m.Checked) then selectDropDownItem p m fillFun <- filler drawMandel() let setupMenu () = let m = new MenuStrip() let f = new ToolStripMenuItem("&File") let c = new ToolStripMenuItem("&Settings") let e = new ToolStripMenuItem("&Edit") let ext = new ToolStripMenuItem("E&xit") let cols = new ToolStripComboBox("ColorScheme") let its = new ToolStripComboBox("Iterations") let copybmp = new ToolStripMenuItem("Copy &bitmap") let copy = new ToolStripMenuItem("&Copy") let paste = new ToolStripMenuItem("&Paste") let zoomin = new ToolStripMenuItem("Zoom &In") let zoomout = new ToolStripMenuItem("Zoom &Out") let fillMode = new ToolStripMenuItem("Fill mode") let fillModeLinear = new ToolStripMenuItem("Line") let fillModeBlock = new ToolStripMenuItem("Block") let itchg = fun _ -> menuIterations <- System.Int32.Parse(its.Text) stopWorker() drawMandel() c.HideDropDown() ext.Click.Add(fun _ -> form.Dispose()) |> ignore copybmp.Click.Add(fun _ -> Clipboard.SetDataObject(bitmap))|> ignore copybmp.ShortcutKeyDisplayString <- "Ctrl+Shift+C" copybmp.ShortcutKeys <- Keys.Control ||| Keys.Shift ||| Keys.C copy.Click.Add(fun _ ->
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It supports the following properties:
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Using the .NET Culture Hierarchy to Ensure Culture Neutrality
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FileShare.Read); BinaryFormatter format=new BinaryFormatter(); BAMInterceptor interceptor=(BAMInterceptor)format.Deserialize(file); file.Close(); // send an event that will start the tracking // xmlDoc is the instance of the document passed in interceptor.OnStep(Sample.dataExtractor,"StartSample",xmlDoc,; // end the tracking interceptor.OnStep(Sample.dataExtractor,"EndSample",xmlDoc,; } // add functions for constructing the EventStream and the DataExtractor }
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Note If the index is used by a primary key or unique constraint, you cannot drop it directly. In this case,
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<head runat="server" id="theHead"> <title>Untitled Page</title> </head>
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Download at
This screen lets you know that there is no app on your iPhone containing the protocol used by the accessory you just attached. Why show this screen If you select Yes,
Figure 5-43. Push notification service
4. You will see a dialog box informing you that the information about available software
Caution: As of this writing, there are compatibility issues with Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo) and the BlackBerry JDE Plug-in for Eclipse. If you experience problems, use the older 3.4 (Ganymede) version of Eclipse. This is currently located in the Downloads page of the Eclipse web site, where you can select Older Versions. You can safely install multiple versions of Eclipse into separate directories on your computer. Eclipse doesn t have a standard Windows installer. Instead, you simply unzip it to a folder on your computer. You could put it somewhere like c:\dev\eclipse. To make it easier to launch, you can right-click and drag the eclipse.exe icon to your desktop or task bar in order to create a shortcut. When you first launch Eclipse, it will ask you to choose a workspace. You can create one wherever you like. Do not check the option for Use this as the default and do not ask me again. One quirk of BlackBerry development is that each BlackBerry app you develop will require its own separate workspace, so you will be switching workspaces as you go through this book.
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