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Completing the Database Configuration Section
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Although the code may work, you are assuming that the simpleText text property was already set since the value of text is binding and not the actual text property. You also get a compile time warning, as shown in Figure 2-9.
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CHAPTER 3: Media Playback
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ServerObjectTerminatorSink and StackbuilderSink
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Step 3: Writing the C# Code
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By default, MSMQ does not use broadcasting or multicasting, but instead requires that the data for each client be sent in a separate connection. This sending is, however, performed in the background by the MSMQ Server running on the sending machine. (Machines using the current version of MSMQ are server and client at the same time!) The sending application basically only needs to tell the messaging framework to take care of delivering the messages but does not have to wait for completion. Whenever you want to use MSMQ for notifications, you will usually create a destination queue on each of your clients. This can be done programmatically during installation or use of your application (if the user has the necessary permissions to create queues). A very simple receiving application can, for example, look like this (you have to add a reference to System.Messaging.DLL): using System; using System.Messaging; class Receiver { static void Main(string[] args) { String queuename = @".\private$\NOTIFICATIONS"; if (!MessageQueue.Exists(queuename)) { MessageQueue.Create(queuename); } MessageQueue que = new MessageQueue(queuename); que.Formatter = new BinaryMessageFormatter(); while (true) { using (Message msg = que.Receive()) { String str = (String) msg.Body; Console.WriteLine("Received: {0}", str); } } } } This application creates an incoming private queue called NOTIFICATIONS and waits for incoming messages.
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Server B
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EAAccessory *_accessory; NSMutableArray *_accessoryList; EAAccessory *_selectedAccessory; GameController *_accessoryController;
Exploring the TokenProcessor API
Making POST and GET calls is a very simple process. All you have to do is set the method property value to POST or GET, as required, and send the request to the server. For example, you use the following in MXML:
Figure 3-10. Displaying the FlowSwitch expression
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