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Adding Method Overloading
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Note the format of this hack. Most hacks authored in the past few years will be presented in this same format, so each hack you install will look similar. The header is quite straightforward, giving the title of the hack, the author s name (usually with contact information as well), a description of what the hack does, the difficulty level along with the installation time, a list of files that need to be opened, and a list of files included. Make sure you heed the warning to back up your files! The next section of the file contains the main instructions: which files to open, what to search for, and what to do with the piece of modified code (whether to add it somewhere, replace a line, and so on).
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You learned previously that web service communication works on the basis of a request and response model. A web service request as well as response consists of SOAP data. This SOAP data is called a SOAP message. Each web method has a message that represents a request for the web method and a message that represents the response from that web method. Thus our HelloWorld() web method will have two messages: The name of the request message is of the form XXXXSoapIn, where XXXX is the name of the web method. Similarly, the name of the response message is of the form XXXXSoapOut, where XXXX is the name of the web method. The WSDL message elements provide a consolidated list of all the messages exposed by the web service. The message names provided by this list are used everywhere else in the WSDL document.
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The Upload module adds support for attaching an arbitrary number of uploaded files to any given content node. Other users can then download these attached files, and the first uploaded file on any given content node also appears in your RSS feed as an enclosure, making the Upload module a suitable tool for generating podcasts.
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y now you really are becoming proficient in SQL Server 2005 and writing code to work with the data and the objects within the database. Already you have seen some T-SQL code and encountered some scenarios that have advanced your skills as a T-SQL developer. We can now look at more advanced areas of T-SQL programming to round off your knowledge and really get you going with queries that do more than the basics. This chapter will look at the occasions when you need a query within a query, known as a subquery. This is ideal for producing a list of values to search for, or for producing a value from another table to set a column or a variable with. It is also possible to create a transient table of data to use within a query, known as a common table expression. We look at both subqueries and common table expressions within the chapter. From there, we explore how to take a set of data and pivot the results, just as you can do within Excel. We also take a look at different types of ranking functions where we can take our set of data and attach rankings to rows or groups of rows of data. And finally, you will see how to deal with varchar(max) and varbinary(max) data types when loading large text, images, movies, and so on. We will move away from our ApressFinancial example on occasion to the AdventureWorks sample that we installed in 1 as part of the samples database. This will allow us to have more data to work through the examples. It is not necessary to fully appreciate this database for the examples, as it is the code that is the important point, but the text will give an overview of the tables involved as appropriate.
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SSMSE provides a GUI for creating tables. Let s create test_Employees with it. 1. In Object Explorer, expand the Northwind node, right-click the Tables node, and click New Table . 2. In the window that opens, enter the information shown in Figure 10-1. We ve specified three columns: EmployeeId of type int, LastName of type nvarchar(30), and BirthDate of type datetime. You can choose the data type by clicking a Data Type cell and picking it from the drop-down list. Note that the BirthDate column has Allow Nulls checked. This means that rows can be inserted without birth date values (in other words, you may not know the birth date, but you can still insert a row).
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Much like the user interface shown in Figure 13-12, the code for this application is really broken into two parts. The first is the search portion, on the left of the display, which uses YouTube s feed system to run searches for video and to present thumbnails. The right side of the display shows the current videos that are stored locally and starts playback if the customer double-clicks a video.
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Adding Transition Effects
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The Page Object
Figure A-14. Showing the tracking results The QueueTrack table records the various events that occurred on each of the requests: Started, Assigned, Route, QC, and so on. The request that you just worked was started in the Marketing queue. It was then assigned to an operator and then routed to the Product queue. It was again assigned to the same operator and then put into QC mode. Finally, it was assigned to the operator for a third time this time in QC mode.
The first group of options on any theme configuration page is labeled Logo Image Settings. You can either use the custom logo, if you are particularly thrilled with Drupal s little blue alien in a drop of water, or you can make and use your own logo. You can add your logo to a site in two ways. The first way is to upload your logo to the server using the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or Secure Copy Protocol (SCP) and enter its path into the Path field for the Custom Logo option. In this case, make sure to uncheck the Use the Default Logo option. The second option is to use the Upload Logo Image field and the Save Configuration button to send a logo to the server via HTTP upload.
A data context does what an ADO.NET connection does, but it also does things that a data provider handles. It not only manages the connection to a data source but it translates LINQ requests (expressed in SQO) into SQL, passes the SQL to the database server, and creates objects from the result set.
public POP3Connection(String hostname, String username, String password) { // try to connect to the server with the supplied username // and password. _hostname = hostname; _username = username; _password = password; try { Connect(); } catch (Exception e) { try { Disconnect(); } catch (Exception ex) {/* ignore */} throw e; } } private void Connect() { // initialize the list of messages _msgs = new Hashtable(); // open the connection _pop3Connection = new TcpClient(_hostname,110); _pop3Stream = _pop3Connection.GetStream(); _pop3Response = new StreamReader(_pop3Stream); // ignore first line (server's greeting) String response = _pop3Response.ReadLine(); // authenticate SendCommand("USER " + _username,true); SendCommand("PASS " + _password,true); // retrieve the list of messages SendCommand("LIST",true); response = _pop3Response.ReadLine(); while (response != ".") { // add entries to _msgs dictionary int pos = response.IndexOf(" ");
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