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1. Click the Hardware Drivers icon to run the Hardware Drivers program. If it s not
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Programs and data that might be shared with other systems (such as in a large networking setup with many users)1 Used by the system to store data that is constantly updated, such as printer spooling output Symbolic link to the kernel file used during bootup
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The last thing you need to do before using XmlRpcServlet is to configure it in web.xml. Add the following entries to the file:
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Because you wanted the results listed by product, you used the GROUP BY clause. From the result set you see that product 1 had a minimum order quantity of 2, a maximum order quantity of 80, and an average order quantity of 21.
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A T-SQL clause or a condition forms a relationship that is used to relate two tables and make them appear as one. There are different types of joins such as INNER, OUTER, and CROSS.
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You can find more details here: http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system. web.httpresponse(VS.80).aspx.
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CHAPTER 6: Personal Information
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Remoting Examples
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finally { if (conReport.State == ConnectionState.Open) { conReport.Close(); } } } void ReportViewer1_Drillthrough(object sender, Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms.DrillthroughEventArgs e) { DataSet ds = new DataSet(); ds = (DataSet)Session["dsProductInventory"]; LocalReport InventoryReport = (LocalReport)e.Report; InventoryReport.DataSources.Add(new ReportDataSource ("dsProductInventory_dtInventoryStatus", ds.Tables[0])); } } This code has a few extra special instructions compared with previous examples. First, you ll see that there are page-load and button-click events. In the page-load event, I m taking care of the drill-through event handler; I need to handle this event while the page loads, because when the user clicks the product number a postback happens. Due to this postback event, we need to handle the drill-through event again. With the button-click event, I m doing the bulk of the job. Since we have two tables to fill in this example, I sent two separate SQL SELECT statements to the database: cmdReport.CommandText = "SELECT * FROM ProductDrilldown ORDER BY ProductNumber; SELECT * FROM InventoryStatus ORDER BY ProductNumber"; Next, I load the data from the data reader to the dataset by calling the Load method like this: dsReport.Load(drReport, LoadOption.OverwriteChanges, dsReport.Tables[1], dsReport.Tables[0]); If you notice, I m calling the Load method by passing some extra parameters; the first parameter sets the overwrite condition and the second passes in each table reference to fill from the dataset. You might be wondering how our drill-through report manages to get the data; for that, we have to create a handler, which looks like the following: ReportViewer1.Drillthrough += new DrillthroughEventHandler(ReportViewer1_Drillthrough); With the preceding lines added to code, we add an event handler to the Drillthrough event of the parent report. Next, we add another method, ReportViewer1_Drillthrough, that responds to this event. The code behind our method takes care of getting the data for our child report. The code inside our method looks like this:
This is an unusual data type, as it is used for a column for which you would not be expected to supply a value. The timestamp data type holds a binary number generated by SQL Server, which will be unique for each row within a database. Every time a record is modified, the column with this data type in the record will be modified to reflect the time of modification. Therefore, you can use columns with this data type in more advanced techniques where you want to keep a version history of what has been changed.
CompareValidator CustomValidator ValidationSummary
After uploading, you may wish to consider renaming the phpBB2 folder to something a little more user-friendly, such as forums. It s not necessary, but it s a nice, professional touch forums seems to be a more logical choice to house your board than phpBB2.
There are a variety of applications running on your system, and not all run as your user. When you open Activity Monitor from /Applications/Utilities and change the filter option to Administrator Processes, you will see all the processes running on the system as root. Applications that are running as root often have the SUID bit set, causing them to be run as the owner of the file, which for many of these applications is root. To view
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