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Table 5-1. Differences Between Native and Managed Arrays
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You ve added the text Label to the win/lose label to make its position in the game clear. Before saving, make sure to remove the text so that the label is not visible during play. Now it s time to go and make all the connections. I understand that it can be a little daunting. I said earlier that I m not going to walk you through each connection and I m sticking to that, but what I will do is show you some screenshots that should help. First, you should understand that the File s Owner is directly related to the view you just created. What should its class be set to This one should be easy and you should immediately shout out PongViewController class. Click on the File s Owner to select it and then go to the Identity Inspector and set its class to pongViewController, adjusting the name as necessary for your naming convention (see Figure 6 9).
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Generic Types
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Figure 11 9. Port scanning with Network Utility
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[Event(name="id3", type="com.elad.framework.musicplayer.events.Id3Event")] public class Player extends AbstractPlayer implements IPlayer {
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Grooming Scripts
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{ description = string; } public void setPriority(int i) { priority = i; } public boolean getStatus() { return status; } public void setStatus(boolean b) { status = b; } public Date getSubmittedDate() { return submittedDate; } public void setSubmittedDate(Date date) { submittedDate = date; } }
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CHAPTER 7: Client Management
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Security Concerns
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How It Works
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When we come to running T-SQL code within Query Editor, a number of options affect how it will run, and these are shown in Figure 2-19. The settings are only for SSMS and don t apply to other connections such as a .NET program connecting to the data. SET ROWCOUNT: Defines the maximum number of rows to return before stopping. A setting of 0 defines that every row should be returned. This option is more often defined at the top of your T-SQL code to reduce the number of rows for that query for example, if you have a large table and you want to see only a few rows as examples. SET TEXTSIZE: Sets the maximum size of text data that will be seen in the results editor. Execution Time-out: Specifies how long you are prepared for the query to run before forcing it to stop. This can be useful especially in a production environment, when you don t wish a query to take up a large amount of processing time.
[Ignore("Not Ready to Run")] [Test] public function methodNotReadyToTest():void { Assert.assertFalse( true ); }
This appendix describes the essential constructs of the F# language in a compact form. You can find a full guide to the F# language in the F# Language Specification on the F# website.
nfortunately .NET Remoting does not incorporate a standard means of authentication. Instead, Microsoft opened the interfaces so that any authentication (and encryption) variant can be used by implementing custom sinks and sink providers. The effort to implement these sinks may be reasonable when developing large-scale distributed applications that have to integrate with already installed third-party sign-on solutions, but is definitely cumbersome, too. In this chapter, I will go through the basic concepts for securing .NET Remoting components when hosted within Internet Information Services (IIS) as well as outside of IIS. You will learn how to enable authentication through IIS by leveraging basic HTTP sign-on as well as the more secure Windows-integrated authentication. Furthermore, you will see how to secure communication between the client and the server by enabling SSL at the server side. Afterwards you will learn how to leverage additional components offered by Microsoft to secure .NET Remoting when not hosted within IIS, which is a little bit more complicated because you have to configure the security channels within the configuration. Last but not least, you will learn about the security enhancements that will come with the .NET Framework 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005.
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