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Integrating ECC200 in visual LoadQueueInstance LookupQueueStats RequestQC UnAssignQueueInstance

Figure 4-25. Auto-formatting your GridView
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Assembly Name
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Dynamic Management Views (DMVs)
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CHAPTER 8: Malware Security: Combating Viruses, Worm, and Root Kits
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In WF 3.5 arguments and variables are implemented differently than they are in WF 4.0. Properties that are passed into or out of an activity are declared as a DependencyProperty. You ll need to define these so the input data (that the rules are based on) can be passed in and the policy result can be made available. Right-click anywhere in the workflow designer and choose View Code. In the QCPolicy.cs class add the code shown in Listing 20-2 just after the constructor. Listing 20-2. Declaring the Dependency properties public static DependencyProperty ActivityDataProperty = DependencyProperty.Register("ActivityData", typeof(ActivityConfig), typeof(QCPolicy)); [DescriptionAttribute("ActivityData")] [CategoryAttribute("Input Category")] [BrowsableAttribute(true)] [DesignerSerializationVisibilityAttribute(DesignerSerializationVisibility.Visible)] public ActivityConfig ActivityData { get { return ((ActivityConfig)(base.GetValue(QCPolicy.ActivityDataProperty))); } set { base.SetValue(QCPolicy.ActivityDataProperty, value); } } public static DependencyProperty OperatorDataProperty = DependencyProperty.Register("OperatorData", typeof(OperatorConfig), typeof(QCPolicy)); [DescriptionAttribute("OperatorData")] [CategoryAttribute("Input Category")] [BrowsableAttribute(true)] [DesignerSerializationVisibilityAttribute(DesignerSerializationVisibility.Visible)] public OperatorConfig OperatorData { get { return ((OperatorConfig)(base.GetValue(QCPolicy.OperatorDataProperty))); } set { base.SetValue(QCPolicy.OperatorDataProperty, value); } }
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Modify the Book class definition to inherit from INotifyPropertyChanged. Notice that when you inherit from INotifyPropertyChanged, you need to add using System.ComponentModel. Luckily, Visual Studio will help you with this, as shown in Figure 5-3.
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Table 3-3. Plazmic Media Events
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select * from employees where substring(lastname, 1, 1) in ('D', 'S')
Session Timeout and Invalidation
Caution Before showing you how easy it is to create an NLB cluster, let me give you some words of caution. There are a number of options and trade-offs that have to be made when creating NLB clusters. I would recommend that you look in the documentation of this feature, which contains a detailed checklist of things to consider before creating a production-level cluster. If in doubt, please contact an experienced system administrator, as the functionality of an NLB cluster not only depends on your computer hardware, but might also in a few instances be affected by your network hardware or layout. Your system or network administrators will usually be able to help you.
As you may recall from the previous chapter, when the CustomerId column was set up, SQL Server automatically generated the data within this field whenever a new record was inserted into this table. This data will never alter, as it uses the IDENTITY function for the column. Thus, the CustomerId column will be updated automatically whenever a customer is added. An application written in, for example, C# could be used as the user front-end for updating the remaining areas of the customer s data, and it could also display specific customer details, but it would not know that the CustomerId requires incrementing for each new record, and it would not know the value to start from. The first index created will be used to find the record to update with a customer s information. The application will have found the customer using a combination of name and address, but it is still possible to have multiple records with the same details. For example, you may have John J. Doe and his son, John J. Doe, who are both living at the same address. Once you have those details displayed on the screen, how will the computer program know which John J. Doe to use when it comes to completing an update Instead of looking for the customer by first name, last name, and address, the application will know the CustomerId and use this to find the record within SQL Server. When completing the initial search, the CustomerId is returned as part of the set of values, so when the user selects the appropriate John J. Doe, the application knows the appropriate CustomerId. SQL Server will use this value to specifically locate the record to update. In the following exercise, we ll add this index to the Customers table.
// Get the position of the start of the play on the board. bool GetPlayStartPosition(int% row, int% col) { // Input the row and column of the first letter. Console::Write( "Enter Location to Play as [row][col]: 00 (top left) to EE (bottom right): "); String^ locString = Console::ReadLine(); // Parse as a hex number. int x = Int32::Parse(locString, System::Globalization::NumberStyles::HexNumber); row = x / 16; col = x % 16; if (row > 14 || col > 14 || row < 0 || col < 0) { Console::WriteLine("I did not understand that input."); Console::WriteLine("The first digit is the row (0 to E);" " the second is the column (0 to E)."); throw gcnew Exception(); } // Check to see that this is an unoccupied space. if (gameBoard[row, col] != nullptr) { Console::WriteLine("Sorry, that space is occupied by the tile: {0}", gameBoard[row, col]); return false; } return true; } // Return true if the play is successful. // Return false if the play is invalid and needs to be restarted. bool GetTilesForPlay(int row, int col, PlayType playType, List<Tile^>^ workingTiles, array<Tile^, 2>^ workingBoard ) { // Get the desired tiles to play from the user. Console::WriteLine( "Enter letters to play (_<letter> to play a blank as <letter>): "); int code;
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