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Our project demands are to have this report on a letter-size page and for the page orientation to be portrait. How do we know that the newly added report meets these criteria Let s make sure that our report complies with requirements by examining the properties of the report. Right-click the open gray area inside the design surface, as indicated in Figure 4-19, and select the Properties option. This will bring up the Report Properties dialog box. Make sure you select the General tab; your display should look similar to Figure 4-20.
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When two applications share responsibilities and features, the result is more than the sum of its parts. Imagine a world where you couldn t print images you found on the Internet, or where you couldn t attach files to your email. The more applications that can touch and share data with one another, the more useful and compelling they become. In this chapter, you have learned how to take advantage of multiplicative utility in your own apps. You can tap a wealth of features already designed by RIM when you use their hooks to add features to your app. And, in the other direction, you can make your app far more useful to your users if you create an API that allows other developers to use you. If five other apps all use your app, you have just become even more indispensable, without even needing to write those five new apps. This level of deep integration blurs the lines between a built-in app and an installed app. When your app is displaying as an option in the Contacts menu, and showing a custom rollover icon, and getting opened from other apps, it becomes almost indistinguishable from the apps that came pre-installed on the BlackBerry. You have now mastered the critical aspects of making powerful, useful, integrated apps. The next goal is to get those apps onto as many devices as possible, operating as smoothly as you can. Part 3 will show you how to make sure your apps can be used by as many people as possible.
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Executing this statement in the query window should produce a Messages window reporting (1 row(s) affected). After the insert, return to the Table - dbo.Shippers window and click the exclamation point to refresh the table display. You ll see that the new row has been added, as in Figure 3-9. (To see the full company name, double-click the separator between the CompanyName and Phone columns.)
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Handles may be used as return values, just as pointers can be. Tracking references may also be used as return values, as long as you take care not to return a reference to a temporary variable. Objects that are to be destroyed at the end of a function call, such as reference types declared using stack semantics, should not be returned as a tracking reference, since they will be destroyed when the function scope ends. If the return type is an object type (not a handle), then it must have a copy constructor. Listing 4-29 illustrates several return value scenarios.
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After you enter a project name, the application automatically generates a product code using the project name. Leave the default product code, right-click the Package node from the tree control, and choose Add Install File. You should see the AddFile dialog box, as shown in Figure 9-4.
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Figure 5 55. Role Link Wizard
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Asynchronous programming is becoming more widespread because of the use of multicore machines and networks in applications, and many .NET APIs now come with both synchronous and asynchronous versions of their functionality. For example, all web service APIs generated by .NET tools have asynchronous versions of their requests. A quick scan of the .NET API documentation on the Microsoft website reveals the asynchronous operations listed in Table 13-5. These all have equivalent Async<'T> operations defined in the F# libraries as extensions to the corresponding .NET types. Table 13-5. Some Asynchronous Operations in the .NET Libraries and Corresponding Expected F# Naming Scheme
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Figure 5-12. Steps to add the CustomerName as a data group and document map After you add the data grouping and document map, you ll notice that two new rows have become part of table1 now. No matter if you add or remove row(s) from the table item, the row number is always assigned from top to bottom: if your table has five rows, the first row reference will be TableRow1 and the last row reference will be TableRow5. Please make sure your report design looks similar to Figure 5-13 after adding the data group and document map.
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Legendary hacker who founded GNU Project, The and created the concept of copyleft, as well as the software license that incorporates it: the GNU Public License (GPL). See also Torvalds, Linus.
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The .NET Framework data providers, sophisticated as they are (and you ll learn plenty about exploiting their sophistication later), are simply APIs for accessing data sources, most often relational databases. (ADO.NET is essentially one big API of which data providers are a major part.) Newcomers to ADO.NET are often understandably confused by the Microsoft documentation. They read about Connection, Command, DataReader, and other ADO.NET objects, but they see no classes named Connection, Command, or DataReader in any of the ADO.NET namespaces. The reason is that data provider classes implement interfaces in the System.Data namespace. These interfaces define the data provider methods of the ADO.NET API. The key concept is simple. A data provider, such as System.Data.SqlClient, consists of classes whose methods provide a uniform way of accessing a specific kind of data source. In this chapter, you used three different data providers (SQL Server, OLE DB, and ODBC) to access the same SSE database. The only real difference in the code was the connection string. Except for choosing the appropriate data provider, the rest of the programming was effectively the same. This is true of all ADO.NET facilities, whatever kind of data source you need to access. The SQL Server data provider is optimized to access SQL Server and can t be used for any other DBMS. The OLE DB data provider can access any OLE DB data source and you used it without knowing anything about OLE DB (a major study in itself). The ODBC data provider lets you use an even older data access technology, again without knowing anything about it. Working at such an abstract level enabled you to do a lot more, a lot more quickly, than you could have otherwise. ADO.NET is not only an efficient data access technology, but also an elegant one. Data providers are only one aspect of it. The art of ADO.NET programming is founded more on conceptualizing than on coding. First get a clear idea of what ADO.NET offers, and then look for the right method in the right class to make the idea a reality. Since conceptual clarity is so important, you can view (and refer to) connections, commands, data readers, and other ADO.NET components primarily as abstractions rather than merely objects used in database programs. If you concentrate on concepts, learning when and how to use relevant objects and methods will be easy.
actions and objects via allow or deny declarations. An individual sandbox profile contains a number of these declarations, which ultimately define the allowed behavior of an application. When a sandbox profile is applied to a process, that process will be ultimately restricted in it s function to the actions provisioned in the profile. Any attempts to access resources outside of those defined in the applied sandbox will be rejected, regardless of the operating user. Sandbox profiles are applied at runtime to an executed process via the executable /usr/bin/sandbox-exec. By passing this command the -f key, you can specify the path to a sandbox profile to apply to an executable. The last argument passed to sandboxexec should be the path to the executable binary. For instance, the following command launches TextEdit with the sandbox profile found at /usr/share/sandbox/
Managing Registrations
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