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A local college or university may offer a relevant class that could be of interest. Perhaps you are looking to get a degree in IT or maybe a more general MBA. Or you could just want to take one class in order to gain more knowledge on a particular subject. Pros: Earn credits toward a degree. Classes are usually at night, meaning you do not lose any time from work. Classes typically run eight weeks unless they are part of a more formal degree or certification program. Cons: Could be cost prohibitive; check with your HR department to see if your company has a policy on assisting with the costs of the classes. Classes are usually at night, meaning you lose time that could otherwise be spent with your family.
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Figure 5-50. The report designer after adding the report header and related report items Designing the Body Section As I told you already, we ll make use of the table report item in this section to list account information. Let s start working on this section by dragging Report Items Table from the toolbox and dropping it inside the body section in the report designer. As usual, a new table item is part of the report now, with the name table1. As you can see in Figure 5-48, we need a total of five columns in the report output. This means we need to add two extra columns apart from the default generated three columns. Please add two more columns to the right side. Please make sure your report design surface looks similar to Figure 5-51. Notice that I have adjusted the width of the second column so that I can accommodate account names easily.
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Hacking a client SWF is a common method for cheating at games (modifying speed, going through walls etc.). To avoid these types of attacks, you should validate important actions against a server. For the next example, I went to a Flash template site, used a web proxy to extract the SWF URL, and downloaded the SWF file to my desktop. See Figure 11-2.
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To enable the iCal service, click on the orb just to the left of the iCal icon. Then, as shown in Figure 5-13, click on the Limit each calendar event s size to: field and provide a number (in megabytes for the maximum size of a calendar event, keeping in mind that calendar events can contain attachments). Next, click on the Limit each user s total calendar size to: field and provide a maximum per user. If you will not be using attachments, you can use a number around one megabyte or smaller, at which point storage becomes a minimal issue. Next, move the slider to the On position and the service will start up.
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Convert <font> tags to styles: This is a cleanup task that is highly recommended, as the <font> tag has been deprecated (see html#edef-FONT). When this option is enabled, <font> tags will be converted to <span> tags with style attributes to replace the function of the <font> tags. CSS Settings One of the most significant advances in modern web development is the widespread adoption of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) as the preferred means for adding style elements to HTML. Gone are <font> tags, where size and color are embedded directly into the HTML. Most in-browser WYSIWYG editors, including TinyMCE, offer font, size, and color selectors that allow web users to apply their favorite shades of purple or pink to their postings, effectively marring the design and color scheme of your carefully designed web site. This is the reason why these elements are, by default, turned off in the Drupal TinyMCE module.
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Figure 6-11. Managing your application extensions
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private static final String USER_AGENT =
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Several methods for customizing the presentation of native .NET and COM object types are available with the .NET Framework. Custom marshaling, which is one such technique, refers to the notion of specializing object type presentations. Elements of COM Interop permit the customizing of COM types, whereas .NET Remoting offers the developer the ability to tailor native .NET types. This article examines these techniques.
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The proxy class is generated at runtime rather than being directly configured as with most of the Spring beans you have used so far. Although the bean is not something you will normally interact with directly, it does become visible under certain circumstances. First, you will encounter it when working with your classes under an interactive debugger. Method calls that would otherwise call directly into your service implementation will first disappear into the runtime proxy. The other place you will encounter these generated proxy classes is when looking through the stack trace of thrown exceptions. Listing 5-9 shows some excerpts from a stack trace generated when an error occurs in the timesheet service implementation s transactional createTimesheet method. If no other classes were involved, the onSubmit method would call directly into the createTimesheet method, but because there are, the proxy object is clearly visible along with some additional lines.
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2. Add the method in Listing 15-6 to class Form1 to handle the OnRowUpdated event.
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