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Now you will add in a call to display an RSS feed using the WordPress RSS Link List plug-in you installed in the previous chapter. In that chapter, you saw how to add a special tag to a blog post or page and have the plug-in convert that tag to a list of links driven from an external RSS feed. This time, you want the list of links to appear in the sidebar. To do this, use the template PHP function provided by the plug-in, rather than the special tag, which works only in posts or pages. The template function provided by the plug-in is _rssLinkList(). This function can take a number of parameters, any of which can be provided in the call to the function. If you don t provide any parameters, the function uses a complete set of defaults, including the default RSS feed of http://del.icio.us/rss. For this example, you will use a different del.icio.us RSS feed, which will provide a list of WordPress tools. Also, by default, the plug-in outputs the links in list item markup (<li></li>). You will need to add unordered list tags (<ul></ul>), so that you can address this list in the CSS to improve its appearance. Add the code marked in bold in Listing 16-4 to the template.
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Figure 5 4. Configuring an orchestration port for receiving messages 12. Connect the orchestration port s request operation to the Receive shape, as shown in Figure 5 5.
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How It Works
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Now drag and drop a SiteMapPath control onto each web form. Run Service2.aspx in the browser, and you should see something similar to Figure 11-18. The SiteMapPath control automatically renders breadcrumbs for the current web form based on its location in the site map file.
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requestHeaders["X-Compress"]="yes"; The complete AsyncProcessRequest() method now looks like this: public void AsyncProcessRequest(IClientChannelSinkStack sinkStack, IMessage msg, ITransportHeaders headers, Stream stream) { headers["X-Compress"]="yes"; stream = CompressionHelper.GetCompressedStreamCopy(stream); // push onto stack and forward the request sinkStack.Push(this,null); _nextSink.AsyncProcessRequest(sinkStack,msg,headers,stream); } When the server receives this request, it processes the message and replies with a compressed stream as well. The server also indicates this compression by setting the X-Compress header. The complete client-side code for AsyncProcessResponse() and ProcessMessage() will therefore look at the response headers and decompress the message if necessary. public void ProcessMessage(IMessage msg, ITransportHeaders requestHeaders, Stream requestStream, out ITransportHeaders responseHeaders, out Stream responseStream) { requestStream = CompressionHelper.GetCompressedStreamCopy(requestStream); requestHeaders["X-Compress"] = "yes"; // forward the call to the next sink _nextSink.ProcessMessage(msg, requestHeaders, requestStream, out responseHeaders, out responseStream); // deflate the response if necessary String xcompress = (String) responseHeaders["X-Compress"]; if (xcompress != null && xcompress == "yes") { responseStream = CompressionHelper.GetUncompressedStreamCopy(responseStream); } }
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Mainframe architecture was popular in the late 70s and most of the 80s. With mainframes, users sat in front of a terminal, and as they typed, keystrokes were sent to the host for processing. This architecture had some limitations: it didn t support GUIs, and users couldn t access multiple databases from geographically remote places. These limitations popularized the client-server architecture. Figure 1-15 shows that within a client-server architecture, applications are divided into three layers: the presentation layer, the business logic layer (BLL), and the data access layer (DAL). Each layer has specific responsibilities. The presentation layer is responsible for managing the user interface interaction with the user, the business logic layer provides business services, and the data layer handles storing and retrieving data. The presentation layer usually resides on the client, and the business logic layer and data layer sit on the server(s). This, however, is not always true. To differentiate this, you need to understand the differences between thin, thick, and smart clients.
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Figure 5-19. Sniffing the encrypted network traffic Next, change the configuration settings for the impersonation level. If you change the server setting for the authenticationMode to ImpersonateCallers the server tries to impersonate each client. If the client s token does not allow the server to impersonate or delegate the security token7 the server rejects the call and you get an exception on the client. If the client and the server are configured properly, impersonation (or delegation) works. To test delegation on a single machine, run the client under a different identity using the runas.exe command. Figures 5-20 and 5-21 show the two applications in action when the client s impersonationLevel property is set to impersonate and the server s authenticationMode is set to ImpersonateCallers.
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If your taxonomy vocabulary represents a hierarchy, you can construct paths to return just a segment of the hierarchy. Consider the following hierarchy: term 1 term 2 term 3 term 4 term 5 term 6 You already know what the path should look like to get a list of content for tid 1: taxonomy/term/1 This is a shorthand for the longer syntax that follows this form: taxonomy/term/tid/depth Depth is the number of levels in the hierarchy below the tid that should be returned, and it defaults to zero (0). So these two paths are equivalent: taxonomy/term/1 taxonomy/term/1/0 Now watch what happens when you ask for a depth of 1: taxonomy/term/1/1 You now get a list that includes content categorized with tids 1, 2, and 6, as these are the direct children of tid 1. Increase the depth to 2, and the list will grow to include tids 3 and 4. A depth of 3 or greater will produce the entire hierarchy. Can you predict which terms this path will produce taxonomy/term/4+6/1
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Decide shapes can be used to complete different processing based on information available at runtime. The following is a simple example of using and configuring the Decide shape from within an orchestration. Assume you have a document as follows: <Employee> <FirstName>John</FirstName> <LastName>Doe</LastName> <SSN>111-22-3333</SSN> <State>Washington</State> <HireDate>1999-05 31</HireDate> </Employee> From within an orchestration, you would like to complete different processing under the following scenarios:
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Try It Out: Simple Data Binding in Silverlight
Data binding is a vital part of making web applications easy to develop. In short, it enables us to automatically set properties on a control from the contents of a database or other data store. It involves little to no coding on the developer s part. It is a tool provided by the ASP .NET Framework. We ll be going into this very important functionality in more detail in 4. One issue to note is the timing at which the data-binding functionality occurs. Any data binding that updates the data store via an insert, a delete, or an update will occur after all the control events are handled, but before the Page_PreRender occurs. Then, after the PreRender event, the functionality that queries the data store will fire. This ensures that data isn t stale, because any functionality on your page that updates the data store will happen before anything is read from the data store. Therefore, the data on your page is always up-to-date.
Figure 3-15. Authenticating into a domain controller
App: Logging, Building, and Updating
The application consists of a text box for accepting the source XML file path. There is an array of radio buttons that govern how the XML document will be read by the DataSet. The Read button triggers the read operation. Listing 7-13 shows the complete code that reads the XML data into a DataSet. Listing 7-13. Using the ReadXml() Method private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { DataSet ds = new DataSet(); XmlReadMode mode=XmlReadMode.Auto; if (radioButton1.Checked) { mode = XmlReadMode.Auto; } if (radioButton2.Checked) { mode = XmlReadMode.DiffGram; } if (radioButton3.Checked) { mode = XmlReadMode.Fragment; } if (radioButton4.Checked) { mode = XmlReadMode.IgnoreSchema; } if (radioButton5.Checked) { mode = XmlReadMode.InferSchema; } if (radioButton6.Checked) { mode = XmlReadMode.ReadSchema; } ds.ReadXml(textBox1.Text, mode); MessageBox.Show("XML file read successfully!"); } The code creates a new DataSet object. It then declares a variable of enumeration type XmlReadMode. This enumeration plays an important role in deciding how the XML data will be loaded into the DataSet. You can see all the possible values of the XmlReadMode enumeration in Table 7-3. Then a series of if conditions check the status of the various radio buttons and set the value of the XmlReadMode variable. Finally, the ReadXml() method of the DataSet class is called.
The Devel module defines one user permission, Access Devel Information, which should be enabled for any roles that are to be involved in development or optimization of the site. Only users with this permission will see the page timer and query log when they are turned on, as described next.
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