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[RunWith("org.flexunit.runners.Suite")] [RunWith("org.flexunit.experimental.theories.Theories")]
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CHAPTER 14: Web Site Security
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1. From the Template Explorer, find the CREATE TABLE template, right-click it, and select Edit. This will display the template that we saw earlier. Change the comment and then we can start altering the code. 2. The first change is to add that the first column is an IDENTITY column. We know where this is located from our code earlier: it comes directly after the data type. To add a new parameter, input a set of angle brackets, then create the name of the parameter as the first option. The second option is the type of parameter this is, for example, sysname, defining that the parameter is a system name, which is just an alias for nvarchar(256). The third option is the value for the parameter; in this case we will be including the value of IDENTITY(1,1). The final set of code follows, where you can also see a fourth column has been defined with a bit data type.
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This command will create a private key named id_dsa in the .ssh folder found at the root of the running users home directory. This file is automatically consulted by OS X s ssh client when initiating a remote connection to a server. This command will also create a public key,, which is the key that we distribute to our remote server. We can accomplish this by using a remote connection to the server, which for this first attempt will require you to enter your user credentials. When logging into the remote server, we specify the remote user (in this case, hunterbj) that we want to establish remote automation for: the remote user does NOT need to have the same username as the local user. In these commands, we are first creating the .ssh folder in case it s not there:
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An Example
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Now you re ready to configure the service that you created in the previous section. 1. When the Hosted Service dialogue displays, enter NotepadService as the Public Service Name of the Public Hosted Service URL name. Click the Check Availability button to make sure the service name is not taken by someone else. In the Hosted Service Affinity Group section of the Hosted Service dialogue, you have two options to choose from. Typically, relating the affinity among other services allows you to run the services in the same region in order to optimize performance. a. If you are creating multiple services that will interact with other services in the same region, then you will want to choose Yes and choose the existing Affinity Group from the drop-down.
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In JavaScript, you will need a reference to the Silverlight control. One way of getting this is by capturing the Load event of the control, which raises references to the control as well as its current context. See 15 for more details on this. Once you have this reference, you can seek the item by using findName on the control s content.
Development and testing using F# Interactive can effectively reduce development time, because you can evaluate code fragments more than once without having to recompile the entire system. The Visual Studio project system for F# makes this process even more productive because code is edited in the development environment with type checking and IntelliSense; you can send code to F# Interactive by selecting it and pressing the Alt+Enter shortcut. In this scenario, the isPalindrome function from the previous section could have been developed incrementally and tested by invoking it with a test input argument. After you found and fixed the issue, you could them evaluate the function definition again and test it for further bugs. During software development, it s common practice to write simple programs to test specific features (the Unit Testing section discuses this topic more extensively). With F# Interactive, you can define tests as functions stored in a file and selectively evaluate them in Visual Studio. This approach can be useful in developing and defining new tests, but you can use more specific tools to run tests in a more organic way.
A Sample XML Document
You can start GNOME Terminal, the built-in GNOME shell emulator, by clicking Applications Accessories Terminal, as shown in Figure 13-1.
An HTML document is a text document containing special markup that provides instructions to the browser for how to render the document. Tags such as <H1> and <H2> are used to provide styling information so that the document can be viewed as more than just text. Links to other documents are provided via another tag, <a> (for anchor), where a piece of text is defined as linking to another document, and the browser renders it differently (usually with a blue underline). Once HTML was developed, the Web grew rapidly. Thanks to TCP/IP and the Internet, people could put documents on any server in the world and provide an address, called a URL (Universal Resource Locator), which could enable these documents to be found. These URLs could then be embedded as links in other documents and used to find those documents. Quickly, a huge network of interconnected, browsable documents was created: the World Wide Web.
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