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Figure 4-18. The new data source appears in the data source list.
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How It Works
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This second appendix covers the namespaces, classes, and interfaces that allow you to extend the .NET Remoting framework.
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CHAPTER 11: Firmware
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This example will revolve around the CustomerDetails.Customers table, making it possible to demonstrate how all of the different areas mentioned previously can affect the results displayed.
Using two keywords, SELECT and FROM, here s the simplest possible query that will get all the data from the Employees table:
In this chapter, you took a brief look at ASP.NET and how you can use the VWDE tool to build a simple ASP .NET application. You were given a tour of the development environment and how it is used to build and manage web sites. After this tour, you should have an understanding of how development is done using a server-side paradigm which was reinforced with a brief look at the architecture of ASP.NET. Additionally, you looked at using configuration and web site administration to define how ASP.NET should behave when serving your site. Ultimately, you were able to build a site with some pretty sophisticated functionality using only four lines of code, demonstrating just how much the framework can do behind the scenes for you! One of the concepts that you were introduced to was the web form. 3 will go into this in more detail, looking at how pages are processed by ASP.NET and how the technology can be used to build scalable, performant web applications.
repeat.setInt(RepeatRule.DAY_IN_WEEK, RepeatRule.MONDAY | RepeatRule.WEDNESDAY | RepeatRule.FRIDAY);
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