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// methods void AsyncProcessRequest(IClientChannelSinkStack sinkStack, IMessage msg, ITransportHeaders headers, Stream stream); void AsyncProcessResponse(IClientResponseChannelSinkStack sinkStack, object state, ITransportHeaders headers, Stream stream); Stream GetRequestStream(IMessage msg, ITransportHeaders headers); void ProcessMessage(IMessage msg, ITransportHeaders requestHeaders, Stream requestStream, ref ITransportHeaders responseHeaders, ref Stream responseStream); } The main difference between IMessageSink and IClientChannelSink is that the former can access and change the original dictionary, independent of any serialization format, whereas the latter has access to the serialized message as a stream. After processing the message, the IClientChannelSink also passes it on to the next sink in its chain until it reaches a transport channel like HttpClientTransportSink (which also implements IClientChannelSink) for the default HTTP channel.
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the same major and minor version is chosen.
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The main question you may have is why generics were introduced to the C++/CLI language when templates already existed in C++. First, the CLI already supported generics, and it was necessary to be able to access these in C++/CLI. Second, generics are really different from templates in fundamental ways, and hence have different uses. Once compiled, templates cease to be parameterized types. From the point of view of the runtime, the type created from a template is just another type. You can t substitute a new type argument that wasn t already used as an argument for that template at compile time. Generics are fundamentally different because they remain generic at runtime, so you can use types that were not known at compile time as type arguments. However, generics, like templates, have limitations that make them unsuitable for certain uses, as you ll see later in this chapter. Let s look at how to use generics.
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In this chapter, you learned to use the WebBrowser control for Windows Phone 7 to search for and display web content in an application. You created a simple Car Browser application using the WebBrowser control and displayed local static and dynamically generated HTML pages. You also learned how to store and retrieve web and HTML content from local storage on the phone itself. You ll explore local storage in greater depth in 13. Finally, you should now have a basic understanding of the viewport and custom Internet Explorer Mobile CSS elements, and an appreciation of the security issues you ll encounter when you use the WebBrowser control. In the next chapter, you ll explore what is perhaps the most important aspect of any modern application: its styling. We will go over general principles of appealing layouts and themes, as well as delve into the specifics of visually engaging controls within applications.
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-(void) potTurned:(NSNotification *)notification { NSLog(@"Pot Turned"); int i = appDelegate.paddlePosition; NSLog(@"Position Received = %d",i); i = (-i + 256); float j = (float)i * (320.0/246.0); CGPoint xLocation = CGPointMake(j,playerPaddle.center.y); playerPaddle.center = xLocation; if (playerPaddle.center.x > (self.view.bounds.size.width /2)) if (playerPaddle.center.x > (self.view.bounds.size.width /2)+101) playerPaddle.image = playerPaddleRightUp; else playerPaddle.image = playerPaddleRight; else if (playerPaddle.center.x < (self.view.bounds.size.width /2)-101) playerPaddle.image = playerPaddleLeftUp; else playerPaddle.image = playerPaddleLeft; }
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Note There are several pipeline component creation tools available on the Internet that may be used to reduce
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consult the browser s Help files and documentation on setting the preferred language.
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As you can see, any query using literal values gets the right answer assuming you are prepared to accept 1 as an appropriate answer from the optimizer when our understanding lets us know that there really is no data.
BASH Command Index
Inheriting Styles Using BasedOn
within the schema editor.
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