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Figure 4 14. Windows Phone developer registration To confirm that your phone is properly registered, go to http://developer.windowsphone.com/ and log in. Once logged in, click Account and select DEVICE REGISTRATION from left side menu, as shown in Figure 4 15. You should see a list of the devices you have registered.
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Defining Properties and States
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class MyClient { static void Main(string[] args) { // creation using "new" MyClass obj1 = new MyClass(); // creating using a factory MyFactory fac = new MyFactory(); MyClass obj2 = fac.GetNewInstance(); } } } When bringing this pattern to remoting, you have to create a factory that s running as a server-activated object (ideally a Singleton) that has a method returning a new instance of the real class (the CAO) to the client. This gives you a huge advantage in that you don t have to distribute the implementation to the client system and still can avoid using SoapSuds.
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Image Assist Module
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CHAPTER 10: Porting Your App
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6. Click Applications Sound and Video RealPlayer 10 to start the RealPlayer
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To e-mail these changes to the e-mail address listed in the config file, if you have identified an e-mail address, run the following command:
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Then, after you bound the text boxes and columns, you got a suitable binding manager from the BindingContext property of the form:
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Parsing a Number
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The Entity Framework is an object-relational mapping (ORM) tool that allows you to generate objects based on the tables in a database, taking care of the interaction to the database that otherwise you have to code yourself; the Entity Framework will save you lots time.
PInvoke is a flexible and customizable interface, and it s expressive enough to define prototypes for most libraries available. However, in some situations it can be difficult to map directly the native interface into the corresponding signature. A significant example is function pointers embedded into structures, which are typical C programming patterns that approximate object-oriented programming. Here, the structure contains a number of pointers to functions that can be used as methods; but you must take care to pass the pointer to the structure as the first argument to simulate the this parameter. Oracle s Berkeley Database (BDB) is a popular database library that adopts this programming pattern. The core structure describing an open database is as follows: struct __db { /* ... */ DB_ENV *dbenv; /* Backing environment. */ DBTYPE type; /* DB access method type. */ /* ... */ int (*close) __P((DB *, u_int32_t)); int (*cursor) __P((DB *, DB_TXN *, DBC **, u_int32_t)); int (*del) __P((DB *, DB_TXN *, DBT *, u_int32_t)); // ... } This was impossible to access directly from the PInvoke interface until .NET 2.0, because function pointers in managed structures were impossible to describe. With version 2 of the runtime, the System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal class features the GetFunctionPointerForDelegate for obtaining a pointer to a function that invokes a given delegate. The caller of the function must guarantee that the delegate object will remain alive for the lifetime of the structure, because stubs generated by the runtime aren t moved by the garbage collector but can still be collected. Furthermore, callbacks must adopt the stdcall calling convention: if this isn t the case, the PInvoke interface can t interact with the library. When PInvoke s expressivity isn t enough for wrapping a function call, you can still write an adapter library in a native language such as C. This is the approach followed by the BDB# library, where an intermediate layer of code has been developed to make the interface to the library
Figure 1-8. Enable the Open Directory Service in Server Admin
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