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The .NET Framework provides three possibilities to call methods on remote objects (no matter if they are Singleton, SingleCall, or published objects). You can execute their methods in a synchronous, asynchronous, or one-way fashion. Synchronous calls are basically what I showed you in the preceding examples. The server s remote method is called like a common method, and the client blocks and waits until the server has completed its processing. If an exception occurs during execution of the remote invocation, the exception is thrown at the line of code in which you called the server. Asynchronous calls are executed in a two-step process.2 The first step triggers the execution but does not wait for the method s response value. The program flow continues on the client. When you are ready to collect the server-side function s response, you have to call another method that checks whether the server has already finished processing your request; if not, it blocks until finalization. Any exception thrown during the call of your method will be rethrown at the line of code where you collect the response. Even if the server has been offline, you won t be notified beforehand. TThe last kind of function is a little different from the preceding ones. With one-way methods, you don t have the option of receiving return values or getting an exception if the server has been offline or otherwise unable to fulfill your request. The .NET Remoting framework will just try to call the methods on the remote server and won t do anything else.
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Note The MSDN documentation for internationalizing Windows Phone 7 applications proposes an entirely different approach than the one we ve advocated in our walkthrough in this section. MSDN walkthroughs encourage you to add a separate class to return resources. In our walkthrough, however, we have simplified things a bit and used the ResourceManager class to locate resources within our resource files.
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This chapter took you through obtaining, installing, and configuring a simple out-of-the-box WordPress blog. It covered the requirements for WordPress and the tasks for preparing your hosting server. I introduced you to some of the basic features of WordPress. Finally, you made your first post. In the next chapter, I will take you through the posting process in depth and introduce some of the more advanced features of WordPress. You will learn how to create pages, manage categories, and perform other tasks to start to build your community.
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Figure 2 7. Force Quit Applications
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Then, just register your listener before launching the camcorder app. It will launch after a brief delay, as shown in Figure 2-5.
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The following interfaces are parts of the internal processing of remoting interactions.
Figure 8-7. Second customer inserted That is all there is to it. Just as simple as using SQL Server Management Studio, but you did get more informative error messages. We now have a slight problem in that already there are two gaps in the table. This can be remedied easily within Query Editor, which we ll do in the next section.
The Unified Build Engine: MSBuild
be shared with others only if the software is redistributed. This means that if you modify some GPL software and don t give it to anyone else, there s no need for you to publish your changes or make others aware of those changes.
Press F5 to run the application. You should see results similar to the following: Body: The reception facility has been reserved Body: The church has been reserved Body: The rehearsal has been scheduled Body: The menu has been decided Body: The reception deposit has been paid Body: The stationary has been ordered Body: The invite list has been agreed to Body: The flowers have been ordered Main: Congratulations! The wedding preparations are complete. Confirmation: The wedding plans have been confirmed Confirmation: The invitations have been sent
To create a custom implementation of XmlWriter, you need to inherit from it and override the properties and methods shown in Listing A-6.
Whenever I mention some class for which you don t know the containing namespace, you can use Tip WinCV.exe, which is in the Framework SDK, to locate the class and get some information about its public interface. An even better (free) tool is .NET Reflector, available for download at
Figure 16 27. Viewing shared folders
In traditional programming languages you must declare a variable and the kind of information that will go into it before using the variable (in other words, you tell the script what going into variable before you actually put something in it). In modern scripting languages, this is usually considered good practice (and great for readability), but it s not required. In the bash shell, the command to declare a variable is declare. When you declare a variable, you can then call it multiple times, adding and removing data from it, augmenting it, or just reading it for reference. For example, in bash, the two following statements will both work:
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