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CHAPTER 10: iPhone
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in the phpBB database, but in their encrypted form. When someone logs in to the forum, the password she supplies at login time is encrypted, and that is compared with the encrypted password stored in the database. No decryption takes place, because the MD5 algorithm is a one-way encryption. This has the advantage of passwords being unlikely to be decrypted (never say never!) should any malicious intruder break into your database. However, this means that any passwords cannot be e-mailed to the forgetful board user, which is a small price to pay for the level of security MD5 affords.
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Content handlers must be able to provide the requested action. If an action is provided in the Invocation, only handlers that have registered for that action will be invoked. If the action is null, only the hints are considered, and the action will be ignored.
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Adding an Animation that Plays as Flickr Images Load
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You defined a method as the handler for the StateChange event on the conn object, to display information each time the handler was called; that is, each time the connection underwent a state change:
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Handling Data Connection Issues with Rx.NET
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Note The proper MIME type for Atom feeds is application/atom+xml. See http://atompub.org/
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Working with the SQL Server Data Provider
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Figure 3-26. Client calls a method on the second server with MRO#1 as parameter.
With Leopard, Apple introduced a rich set of ways to limit user access on a Mac. Included under the umbrella of empowering parents with the ability to limit their children s access, Parental Controls also gave administrators the ability to fine-tune their users access to resources. Some of these parental controls existed in Tiger, but did not use the same techniques for management, such as a dedicated preference pane and the command sandbox. Using the new Parental Controls preference pane, you can configure controls for any user with the account type of Managed and have control over what they can do with Mail.app, iChat, and web browsing with Safari. To use Parental Controls, open Mac OS X s System Preferences and click the Parental Controls preference pane. Click the account you want to control, and then click the Enable Parental Controls button (see Figure 3 7). If the account is not in the list, then go to the Accounts preference pane and verify that either the Enable Parental Controls check box is checked or that the account is not an administrative account.
Tap Add Account. At the Add Account screen, you have to select which type of account that you will be setting up, as seen in Figure 10-2. Read on for information on configuring the app for your specific account type.
A transaction is a set of operations performed so all operations are guaranteed to succeed or fail as one unit. A common example of a transaction is the process of transferring money from a checking account to a savings account. This involves two operations: deducting money from the checking account and adding it to the savings account. Both must succeed together and be committed to the accounts, or both must fail together and be rolled back so that the accounts are maintained in a consistent state. Under no circumstances should money be deducted
Figure 9-14. Specifying the interface type
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