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' Display rows in data table For Each row As DataRow In dt.Rows Console.WriteLine( _ "{0} {1} {2}", _ row("firstname").ToString().PadRight(15), _ row("lastname").ToString().PadLeft(25), _ row("city")) Next ' Insert Employees ' ' Create command Dim cmd As SqlCommand = New SqlCommand(ins, conn) ' ' Map parameters ' cmd.Parameters.Add( _ "@firstname", _ SqlDbType.NVarChar, _ 10, _ "firstname") cmd.Parameters.Add( _ "@lastname", _ SqlDbType.NVarChar, _ 20, _ "lastname") cmd.Parameters.Add( _ "@titleofcourtesy", _ SqlDbType.NVarChar, _ 25, _ "titleofcourtesy") cmd.Parameters.Add( _ "@city", _ SqlDbType.NVarChar, _ 15, _ "city") cmd.Parameters.Add( _ "@country", _ SqlDbType.NVarChar, _ 15, _ "country") '
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provides a solution to the complex technical problem of persisting objects from your object model into a relational database. Spring provides a set of tools to aid you in integrating Hibernate with the other parts of your applications and Hibernate is only one of many frameworks and libraries that Spring provides support for. Lightweight, another ill-defined term, can be taken as implying the lack of a need for a Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) component stack, as the impact on your application s memory footprint, as the impact on your application s disk (and thus download) footprint, and as the degree to which you can discard unnecessary components. I do not think that the term lightweight has any real value, but in all of these areas Spring excels. Indeed, to a large extent it was created as a reaction against the weight of the Java EE component stack, though it is able to take advantage of Java EE features when this is desirable. Spring is therefore an environment within which your code can operate, a set of libraries for solving certain types of problems, and a set of libraries for assisting you in interacting with numerous other frameworks. However you define the buzzwords, Spring is a fine example of a useful framework.
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12. Select Address (Array) and click Define Data Template. This allows you to define which fields you want to appear in the list. If you only want one field, you don t have to go this route just select it in the Create Data Binding dialog however, data templates allow you more flexibility. 13. The Create Data Template dialog appears and gives you three options for how you want your data to appear: Default ListBox Styling, which gives you all the fields stuck together into a single text line, with each entry having one line; Current or Predefined Data Template, which allows you to pick an existing data template and apply it to this ListBox; and New Data Template and Display Fields, which allows you to design a simple data template based on the fields that are currently available (see Figure 8-23).
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Figure 9-19. Saving the modifications 7. We can now move back to our original View Designer, and you can now see the new column in the view, as shown in Figure 9-20; there should be no need to refresh the screen.
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AssemblyLoad, AssemblyResolve, DomainUnload, ProcessExit, UnhandledException (and others) ErrorDataReceived, Exited, OutputDataReceived (and others) Changed, Created, Deleted, Error, Renamed (and others) BackgroundImageChanged, Click, Disposed, DragDrop, KeyPress, KeyUp, KeyDown, Layout, LostFocus, MouseClick, MouseDown, MouseEnter, MouseHover, MouseLeave, MouseUp, Paint, Resize, TextChanged, Validated, Validating (and others) Tick Elapsed
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This class has a variety of static methods and properties, and the most prominent one is the CurrentNode property, which gives you the ability to retrieve the settings from the web.sitemap file and then return the values from within the code by using built-in features from .NET Framework 2.0. If you are a novice developer or hobbyist unfamiliar with the concept of static classes, refer to the accompanying note.
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The portlet application has only one portlet class: ToDoListPortlet. Let s discuss the action request handling first, and then move on to the render request handling. The portlet stores a collection of ToDoItemBean objects in an ArrayList object for each user. This ArrayList object is placed in the user s session as an attribute called ToDoList. Because the portlet and the JSP pages share the same session attributes, if we store the list in the session as application scope, we can access it from either the portlet or the JSP pages. If we had used the portlet scope, the list object s name would be obscured by a namespace. You should store any session
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Product Information & Inventory Status Normal, Arial, 10pt, Bold ="Page :" & Globals!PageNumber & " of " & Globals!TotalPages Right Click on the Product Number to check the Inventory Status Italic, Arial, 10pt, Normal 2pt
Dropping a Table with SSMSE
Description Filter Expression
<channels> <channel-definition id="my-amf" class= "mx.messaging.channels.AMFChannel"> <endpoint url="http://{}:{server.port}/ {context.root}/messagebroker/amf" class="flex.messaging.endpoints.AMFEndpoint"/> </channel-definition> <channel-definition id="my-secure-amf" class="mx.messaging.channels.SecureAMFChannel"> <endpoint url="https://{}:{server.port}/ {context.root}/messagebroker/amfsecure" class="flex.messaging.endpoints.SecureAMFEndpoint"/> <properties> <add-no-cache-headers>false</add-no-cache-headers> </properties> </channel-definition> <channel-definition id="my-polling-amf"
The C# code of the client application (excluding the SoapSuds-generated server.cs) is shown in Listing 4-4. Listing 4-4. The Working Client Application (Excluding server.cs) using using using using System; System.Runtime.Remoting; General; // from General.DLL Server; // from server.cs
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