Press F5 to run the application. Your results should look like the following: Order Received The item total is: $60 The total amount is: $120 Workflow returned $120 for my order total Press ENTER to exit The first OrderItem had a quantity of 1, the second was 3, and the third was 2. So there are a total of 6 items, and at $10 each, the item total should be $60. As was explained in the previous chapter, the handling and freight charges is also $60. So the $120 order total is the correct amount. The complete listing for the Program.cs class is shown in Listing 5-1. Listing 5-1. Implementation of Program.cs using System;
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Using the wrong event name in the bindable tag can cause your application to refuse binding your property and you won t even know why. When you use the bindable tag with a custom name, the following example looks like a good idea.
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Customers There are two columns with possible repeating values in this table: Title: A customer s title will be Mr., Miss., Ms., or Mrs., all of which you could put in to a reference table. Some corporations do this; others don t. It all depends on whether you want to restrict what users can enter. Address: The address should be split out into separate lines, one for each part of the address (e.g., street, district, etc.). It is probably well worth having a reference table for cities, states, and countries, for example. Shares There is one column that will possibly repeat: share name. This is really due to the shares table actually doing two jobs: holding details about the share, such as its name and the market ticker, which really are unique; and holding a historical list of share prices. This table actually needs to be split into Share Details and Share Prices, which we ll see happening when we discuss the 3NF.
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Now add the following code to the SetupInstance() method, which adds this extension to the workflow instance: i.Extensions.Add(_sqlTracking); Finally, add the CreateSqlTrackingParticipant() method using the code shown in Listing 13-5. Listing 13-5. Implementation of the CreateSqlTrackingParticipant() Method private void CreateSqlTrackingParticipant() { _sqlTracking = new SqlTrackingParticipant(_connectionString) { TrackingProfile = new TrackingProfile() { Name = "SqlTrackingProfile", Queries = { new WorkflowInstanceQuery() { States = { "*" }, }, new BookmarkResumptionQuery() { Name = "*" }, new ActivityStateQuery() { // Subscribe for track records from all activities // for all states ActivityName = "*", States = { "*" }, }, // For User data, track all events new CustomTrackingQuery() { Name = "*", ActivityName = "*" } } } }; } This code should be familiar to you. It first creates the SqlTrackingParticipant class, passing the connection string to the constructor. It then creates a TrackingProfile and adds four queries to this profile.
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Try It Out: Working with a Stored Procedure in SQL Server
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The Value Mapping functoid defines the action the map should take when the logical condition evaluates to true. Both the amount of the big sale and the name of the sales representative must appear in the destination message in this example, so the map must use two Value Mapping functoids, as shown in Figure 3 45.
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Ajax Applications and Empowering the Web User Experience
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Add a DataGrid control to your ASPX page and use the Auto Format feature to style it in the Colorful style. You ll end up with markup that looks like this:
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This report is like two reports in one; the subreport is embedded inside the main report. Let s call the main report the header report (which contains the transfer number, transfer date, and branch information) and the subreport the detail report (which contains the details for products that are being transferred). Both these reports have different layouts. Therefore, we will discuss them separately. Let s design the detail report first.
Figure 11-21. Subtracting hours from a date
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