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Note UDL files are external to the BizTalk map and therefore must be parsed every time a connection to the
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Note The hidden parameters _smm_min_auto_io_size and _smm_max_auto_io_size probably
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If you are given a choice of PPTP or L2TP, then you should use L2TP, because it is more secure. If you will be connecting to an L2TP-based VPN, then you will have a few more configurable options available to you, and you ll need to know more information about the technical nature of network you are connecting to. In addition to some form of user authentication, L2TP also requires machine-based authentication, such as a shared secret, a term that can be used to refer to a password. The authentication can also be an SSL certificate (see Figure 15 15), which can be imported or manually added using the Keychain Utility.
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Figure 18 17. Performing a standard installation
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Client-Side RS has taken information reporting to the next level: information can be accessed any time, from any place, and on any device. As more and more people are going wireless, it is important for them to be able to access vital business data remotely.
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Figure 13-5. The report designer with header and body sections
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Create a DeployStudio bootable external drive (USB & Firewire):
Drupal handles and stores its textual data in the UTF-8 character encoding format in order to support the many written languages of the world. (See for more information about Unicode encoding.) Not all versions of PHP support this encoding fully without added extensions. To address this problem, the preferred solution is to install the mbstring extension to PHP available from , If the mbstring extension is not available, iconv ( or GNU recode ( must be installed. The String Handling group exists to show you the status of Drupal s string handling on your server. If Drupal is able to use UTF-8 encoding using an available library, this will be indicated. Otherwise, you will be prompted to install one of the three libraries mentioned in the previous paragraph, preferably mbstring.
SoapMethodAttribute Class
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