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You do not need to add anything to the portlet.xml deployment descriptor to enable the tag library, because the tags are for the JSP pages, which are processed by the JSP compiler and servlet engine.
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After working through the XDoclet example in this section, you should have some idea of whether using XDoclet is worth integrating into your build process. The portlet application deployment descriptor is not so complicated that automating its generation with XDoclet saves a lot of time on a normal project. For complex development projects with many portlet applications and portlet classes, standardization on XDoclet makes more sense.
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Installing Linux Clients
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Figure 9-16. New data source appearing in the data source list Now you have your NorthwindOdbc data source ready to work with. Next, you will use it in code for setting up the connection string.
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ldloc.0 call instance string RefType::GetMessage() call void [mscorlib]System.Console::WriteLine(string) ldc.i4.0 ret global method main
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The question is which isolation level is best when creating a Flex interface with a legacy server side A na ve recommendation is to use the serializable level to avoid all problems, but this is usually not practical, as the impact on performance and scalability would be unacceptable. What then is the right level Also, is it advisable to lock pessimistically every time, or to use optimistic locking in most cases Pessimistic locking means you expect conflicts to occur often and so lock every time you initiate an operation. Optimistic locking means you lock only in exceptional cases, because you don t expect conflicts to occur often. As with state management, the choice is neither universal nor easy. In most cases, optimistic locking and maintaining repeatable reads is advisable. Setting up explicit transactional boundaries to avoid unnecessary round-trips is a good idea, too. Next, we consider a completely different scenario. This is a case where the application is database driven, and the screens act as windows to the underlying tables.
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Begin by listing the namespaces the application will use. Notice our inclusion of System.IO.IsolatedStorage in order to work with the isolated storage settings. using System; using System.Windows; using System.Windows.Controls; using Microsoft.Phone.Controls; using System.IO.IsolatedStorage; namespace IsolatedStorageSettingsDemo { public partial class MainPage : PhoneApplicationPage { private IsolatedStorageSettings _appSettings;
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CHAPTER 5: Specifying a Pong Game
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All traffic between the BlackBerry device and the Mobile Data System is automatically encrypted. As a result, if you make sure that outgoing traffic is sent to a server on your corporate BES environment and travels over the BES network, no extra encryption is necessary. However, traffic sent between the MDS and the ultimate destination server is not encrypted. You still may need to use encryption if the receiving server expects encrypted traffic, or if you are concerned about eavesdropping from other entities within the corporate network.
specified size. Disable a user s incoming mail when they exceed 100% of quota: Blocks a user s mail if his mailbox is full.
This code creates an instance of the web service proxy called 'MyQuote'. It then calls the getStockQuotes method on this proxy (and by extension the web service), which returns a stock quote for the string ticker. As you can see from the code, the contents of the txtTicker text box are being passed to the quote retrieval web service. The service returns an array of Quote objects, and the label then has its text set to the value of the StockQuote property of the first element in this array, converted to a string. Do note, however, that this is just example code. In a real scenario, you would likely want to at least add some form of error handling to check for a timeout or other error in calling the web service. For production systems, you may also want to look into asynchronous web service calls. Now if you run the application, type a stock ticker (e.g., MSFT, RTRSY, or BEAS) into the text box, and click Get, the web service will return a stock quote for that ticker. You can see this in action in Figure 2-21.
The term outsourcing has a negative connotation associated with it these days. In fact, most times I ask people to share their experiences with outsourcing, their responses are more negative than positive. The reasons vary, but I have grouped them into the following categories: Poor quality of work Language barriers Security Fear of losing one s job Years ago, as I was becoming overwhelmed with the growing volume of work, my manager told me that the only alternative we had at the time was to outsource some of my workload. I was tentative for a handful of reasons, some of which I just noted. But my apprehension was not enough to stop me from trying, as I knew that the mountain of work was not going to be done without some help. I had a choice: I could fail miserably at trying to manage my workload, or I could give outsourcing a chance; if it failed, at least I would have tried to do something. As I look back upon the decision to outsource a large bulk of our workload, I realize that it was probably one of the best decisions of my career. Before we decided to dive into hiring anyone, my manager and I went over all of our concerns. We listed them out and then did our best to come up with ideas to mitigate them. After all, failure to plan is planning to fail, right We had never set out to fail before, and decided that we didn t want to fail on something as important as this. How did we manage to have success Well, let s look at each of the groups I listed and help to mitigate some of your fears.
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