The next parameter you ll pass to the command is the option (argument) for that power setting that you would like to send. Here you can set the number of minutes before the display goes to sleep, the brightness at various power settings, and other options that have a direct effect on power behavior. These include the following:
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Adding an Extended Control
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The rest of this book contains a good amount of information that can be applied to MIDlets. To learn even more, particularly more details about the user interface options, consider reading Beginning Java ME Platform by Ray Rischpater (Apress). Most of the content in that book can be applied to writing MIDlets for BlackBerry devices. (Disclaimer: I am the technical reviewer of that book.)
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Let s code a transaction to both add a customer to and delete one from the Northwind Customers table. Customers has eleven columns, but only two, CustomerID and CompanyName, don t allow nulls, so we ll use just those columns for insertion. We ll also use arbitrary customer IDs to make it easy to find the rows we manipulate when viewing customers sorted by ID. 1. In SSMSE, create a stored procedure named sp_Trans_Test, using the code in Listing 14-1. Note that you re using several new SQL statements for stored procedure programming. We don t explain the ones not involved in transactions, but their meaning and usage should be obvious.
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Introducing Function Values
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Try It Out: Backing Up the Database Using T-SQL for a FULL and DIFFERENTIAL Backup
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Figure 2-6. Box selection in Visual Studio 2010 Better yet, once you have this box selected you can edit all of the lines at once. So with the selection made, simply type private and it will automatically replace the public in each of the lines, as shown in Figure 2-7.
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This chapter has covered Spring s support for a variety of data access approaches. I have shown how loose coupling can allow an application to be made less dependent on the specifics of the database being used. In a chapter on database access, you may have been expecting some discussion of transaction management. However, although transaction management is a feature of databases, it is not exclusively so. In the next chapter, I discuss the service layer and explain how you can use declarative transaction management to ensure that transactions are honored by all transactional resources not just databases without needing to encode the transaction behavior into your DAO implementations.
Changing the Wallpaper
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Designing the Workflow
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