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Adding a group is simply a matter of clicking the Manage Groups button in the Users and Groups program window (System Administration Users and Groups). Don t forget to click the Unlock button, if you haven t already done so. After clicking the Add Group button, you ll be prompted to give the group a name. The GID will be filled in for you automatically, but you could choose a different number if you have good reason to do so. (Remember to use a number above 1000, to keep in line with the way Ubuntu operates.) It isn t essential that you add users to the group there and then, but a list of users is provided at the bottom of the dialog box. Put a check alongside any user to grant that user access to your group.
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and comment = parse | "(*" { comment lexbuf; comment lexbuf } | "*)" { () } | "\n" { lexbuf.EndPos <- lexbuf.EndPos.NextLine
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A foreign key is a column or combination of columns (i.e., it can be composite) that matches the primary key (or, in most DBMSs including SQL Server, any unique key) of a table, which is typically another table but may be the same table. For example, in Figure 10-11, the ReportsTo column is marked FK, since it s a foreign key to the Employees table itself, representing the relationship of what employees work for what other employees. Figure 10-10 earlier is a classic example of how foreign keys affect relationships. The primary key of Order Details is the composite of OrderID and ProductID, the primary keys of Orders and Products, respectively. So, Order Details can be considered to be on the many end of a 1:M relationship with Orders and also a separate 1:M relationship with Products. Since each row in Order Details represents a unique combination of an order and a product, each row connects a row in Orders with a row in Products to embody the M:M relationship between Orders and Products.
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There are some ramifications that come with using sparse images, whether file-based or bundle based, and while this discussion might belong in the previous section, these considerations are more prescient when sparse images are used in a FileVault environment, mainly due to the larger data sets that are involved when the entirety of a user s home folder is placed onto a sparse image file. We mentioned in the previous section that one benefit to using sparse images and bundle images is that, outside of minimal formatting information, they only occupy as much disk space as the data that is present on the volume. This actually is not 100% accurate. You see, as you add data to a sparse volume, the image file or bundle will grow as needed. The problem is that once the data is allocated to the image, it will remain allocated, even if the underlying data is deleted off of the image s volume. Thus, if you download a 2GB file to your desktop,
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With a worker function in place for the Add button, let s expand it to accommodate a simplified realworld scenario: when a user clicks the Add button (the button with a + icon) on the Application Bar), we will show a text box on the screen that is ready and waiting for user input. We will also add functionality to the Save button (the button with a floppy disk icon) that will display the thank-you message and hide the text box. Of course, in the real world, you would want to store the values entered by the user and react on the user input in some fashion, but that is slightly beyond the scope of the current chapter. Follow these steps to add interactivity to the Application Bar events.
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Try It Out: Using the [ ] (Square Bracket) Characters
GetComments Activity
HTTPService allows you to format the data results you receive. Here are your options:
To set the proxies, use a combination of two of the following proxy options per service:
The General node, shown in Figure 2-11, contains the following options: At Startup: This controls how SSMS behaves when it is started. You have a choice of four options here. It is possible to open Object Explorer after prompting for a connection, open a new query window after prompting for a connection, open both of these after a connection, or open with an empty SSMS and no connection. Hide System Objects: In SQL Server, system objects are hidden. This is a good option to have enabled unless you are a database administrator. Environment Layout: The layout can either be defined as tabbed documents (a bit like Excel) or as MDI (a bit like Word). Docked Tool Window Close Button: If checked, when you click the close button, only the active document is closed. Unchecked means that all windows will be closed. Docked Tool Window Auto Hide Button: You can pin toolboxes or unpin explorers to hide them. Unpinning windows affects only the currently active document. Display NN Files in Recently Used List: This indicates the number of recently opened files to place under the File menu option.
Table 5-1. Applying a Simple Cipher
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