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Food is by far the drug of choice for most of us. It is legal, readily available, makes us feel good, and comforts us. We can get together with friends to eat, and we tell ourselves that we can stop eating the unhealthy stuff any time we want, but we never really do. For example, I love donuts, and wish they came with bacon (either on the side or baked right into the middle like some type of deep-fried calzone). I enjoy having a coffee in the morning and really enjoy coffee and beignets. Of course I cannot find beignets most places where I live and work, so I settle for a donut. I can t throw a developer without hitting a donut shop. As much as I love my coffee and donuts, that combination is not something I indulge in every day. I may eat donuts with my coffee once a week, because I understand the need for moderation. TIP: Moderation and balance are key. You can eat whatever you want to eat, providing you do so in moderation and follow a balanced diet. The next time you head over to the vending machine for a quick fix of something crispy, cheesy, and salty, stop and think to yourself about why you are buying that snack. Chances are you will find yourself eating not from hunger, but from emotional eating or unconscious eating.
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Try It Out: Using Command Parameters
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Finally, I am using this last chapter to develop reports with a Visual Studio 2008 Web Forms client. This chapter will help you to see the similarity between Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008 when it comes to developing reports.
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In the last sections, you have explored the details for versioning .NET components in general as well as versioning .NET Remoting components in distributed application scenarios. Independent of how you are implementing it technically, versioning must be kept in mind from the very first moment you start designing and developing the first version of your application. Although .NET Remoting offers you several possibilities for versioning server-activated objects and client-activated objects, the most explicit and therefore safest way for versioning remoteable components is through interfaces. A new version of a remoteable object usually continues supporting the old interface, and just adding a new interface allows newer clients to use new functionality offered by the remoteable object. When it comes to versioning of serializable objects, you have to define exactly the requirements for versioning in the future: will exchanging serializable objects between two different remoting objects be necessary without losing any new information introduced by newer versions of the serializable object If yes, the very first implementation of the serializable object has to take this into consideration to not lose new information just because it doesn t understand it. But this will only happen if you cannot or are not allowed to update software based on an older version of your serializable object. Usually this happens when it comes to interaction between applications of two different departments within organizations or even more likely between two companies. In both cases, you don t have detailed control over what happens with the other application. But in this case, I think Web Services might definitely be a better choice for doing application communication except you have some requirements for using .NET Remoting (e.g., if you rely on specific types of the runtime that cannot be transmitted through Web services, or if you rely on callback in both cases I would really encourage you to rethink the architecture and try to find some more loosely coupled solutions for such scenarios). Also, don t forget to use the includeVersions="false" option on sending formatters if a remote object (either client or server) requires receiving different versions of the serializable type. Otherwise, the runtime always tries to load the exact assembly version for the serialized object, and if it doesn t find it, it throws an exception. Remember that if you don t use includeVersions and install more than one version of the assembly in the Global Assembly Cache, the runtime definitely will find the right version of the assembly for deserialization. But because your application has potentially been built against a different version different version means different type in this case you will get an exception when assigning the deserialized instance to a variable of the wrong type. Therefore, on a machine that runs two clients with different versioning requirements for serialized objects, I d suggest you avoid installing assemblies in Global Assembly Cache to steer clear of this problem. Last but not least, in general I d avoid putting assemblies in GAC if possible and really only add them if it s really necessary.
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First, you modified the select list, replacing CustomerID from the Orders table with CompanyName from the Customers table:
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s It is very simple to change the page orientation from portrait to landscape. All you have to do is to Tip
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Note This is also the reason why all scalability features are currently only supported when using the HTTP
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<Window xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml/presentation" xmlns:x="http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml" xml:lang="en-US" x:Class="BlendProject1.Window1" x:Name="Window" Title="Window" Width="640" Height="480"> <Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot"/> </Window>
MarshalByRefObject before you can call GetLifetimeService(). The preceding line would in this case read ILease lease = (ILease) ((MarshalByRefObject) obj).GetLifetimeService();.
' Update database da.InsertCommand = cmd da.Update(ds, "employees") Catch e As Exception ' Display error Console.WriteLine("Error: " & e.ToString) Finally ' Close connection conn.Close() End Try End Sub End Module
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