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Listing 3-2. Viewing the Form in a Browser
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using it). Did you notice that the font style of one of the text boxes (the one with the Please verify . . . message) is set in italics In this example, setting the font style to italics helps draw the user s attention to that particular information on the report. As always, I want to stress the importance of good formatting: a report with poor formatting will not get the attention it deserves.
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The .NET Framework Design Guidelines give good advice about the use of exceptions in the context of all .NET programming. Some of these guidelines are as follows: Don t return error codes. Exceptions are the main way of reporting errors in frameworks. Don t use exceptions for normal flow of control. Although this technique is often used in languages such as OCaml, it s bug-prone and slow on .NET. Instead, consider returning a None option value to indicate failure. Document all exceptions thrown by your code when a function is used incorrectly. Where possible, throw existing exceptions in the System namespaces. Use invalidOp and invalidArg to throw exceptions where possible
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When the player performs an action on the game controller and sends data to the iPhone, the UART driver equivalent in the iPhone OS lower level first receives the information. Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter (UART) refers to serial data transmission, and most often the chip or portion of a chip. An alternative in this case
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If you ve ever used an office suite, such as Microsoft Office, you shouldn t find it too hard to get around in OpenOffice.org. As with Microsoft Office, OpenOffice.org relies primarily on toolbars, a main menu, and separate context-sensitive menus that appear when you right-click. In addition, OpenOffice.org provides floating palettes that offer quick access to useful functions, such as paragraph styles within Writer. Figure 22-1 provides a quick guide to the OpenOffice.org interface, showing the following components: Menu bar: The menus provide access to most of the OpenOffice.org functions. Standard toolbar: This toolbar provides quick access to global operations, such as saving, opening, and printing files, as well as key functions within the program being used. The Standard toolbar appears in all OpenOffice.org programs and also provides a way to activate the various floating palettes, such as the Navigator, which lets you easily move around various elements within the document.
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ILogger Logger
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The <activated> property allows you to specify CAOs in the server-side configuration file. As the full URI to this object is determined by the application name, the only attribute that has to be specified is the type to be published.
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# modinfo # modprobe
To open an existing XML document, you need to use the XmlDocument class. The XmlDocument class allows you to open XML documents in three common ways: You can specify the path to, or URL of, the XML file. You can use a stream object such as FileStream that contains the XML data. You can hold a string in memory that contains the XML data. To see how each of the preceding approaches can be used, you need to develop a Windows application like the one shown in Figure 2-2.
F# Function Type
WCF and Service Orientation
This exercise uses the RequiredFieldValidator control along with the RegularExpressionValidator control to ensure that the end user will enter an email address as well to ensure that the email address is a valid address before submitting.
The settings for your site s RSS feeds are straightforward, enabling you to determine the maximum number of items that will be listed in your feeds, as well as to choose the format for the individual feed items. The format choices include Title Only, Titles Plus Teaser, and Full Text. These settings will apply to all of the RSS feeds that your site is capable of generating.
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