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Draw QR Code in visual basic.net Figure 2-7. The Choose Toolbox Items dialog box

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Figure 2-4. SQL edit window
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When you view the running web service in the browser, you ll see the ASP.NET web service description page. From here, if you select methods from the bulleted list, you can inspect and test the web methods that have been exposed using the WebMethod attribute. Should those methods require input parameters, the test page for that method will provide text boxes for you to enter the parameter values. You can see the test page for the default Hello World web service in Figure 5-3.
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We initialize the media objects when first constructing the screen. As a result, the media operations are executed on the main thread and not a separate thread. Some Player methods, such as starting and stopping, are asynchronous, so you can safely call them from any thread without delay. Other operations, like the realize() and prefetch() that implicitly occur when you first call start(), block until they complete. This may seem dangerous to astute readers, as blocking operations should be called from a separate thread. Fortunately, BlackBerry devices do not delay long when starting capture, so you can safely fudge the rules here. This is handy, because you need to start your VideoControl before you can obtain the Field, and you must add your Field to the screen from the main UI thread. In other words, doing these tasks synchronously greatly simplifies the code. You ll see examples of handling media on separate threads in 3.
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When you use code in a .skin file and place the file in the Theme directory, you can then specify the theme to be used as part of the page declaration. It s a nice way of specifying look and feel without defining it on each control on your page. Building themes with ASP .NET is a powerful way of adding flexibility to your site. To learn a bit more about ASP .NET theme capabilities, see http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/ library/ykzx33wh.aspx.
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7. Now open up a Query Editor window and enter the following code. This code will replicate the first part of this example in which we entered the wrong data type. USE ApressFinancial GO INSERT INTO CustomerDetails.Customers (CustomerTitleId) VALUES ('Mr')
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In the two registration variants where users initiate the process of creating a new user account, Drupal will send a welcome e-mail message with account details and welcome text. Drupal also sends an e-mail message when users forget their password and request a new one. The User E-Mail Settings section of the admin/settings/user page allows you to customize the text and templates for these three messages. The site administrator can edit the text and subjects for all of these messages. Also, you can use a number of placeholder variables to represent dynamic information, as shown in Table 2-1. These variables will be replaced with the appropriate values at the time the e-mail is sent. Table 2-1. Placeholders for User Welcome E-Mail
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Figure 10-10. Data/Services window includes the service added and Test Operation window. 6. Now that the service is available for us you can bind the data to the DataGrid Component. Click the DataGrid in design view, right click and select Bind To Data The Bind To Data window opens up (see Figure 10-11).
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How It Works
Once you have shared a folder, you can move on to setting sharing permissions. To do so, first review the list of users and groups (for more information on configuring users and groups, see 3) in the Users list. Click any of the users and groups that should not have access to the data in the Shared Folders list, and click the minus ( ) sign (while those users or groups are highlighted) to deny access. After you have removed users who should not have access to the folder, click the plus (+) sign to add users who should have access. At this point, you will see a window with all of your users. Any users who already have access to the directory will be disabled. Find the users you want to grant access to, select them, and click the Select button to add them to the Users list.
CHAPTER 7: Securing Web Browsers and E-mail
Linux has software for just about every need, ranging from simply receiving e-mail to running a huge e-mail server. There are databases, office suites, web browsers, video games, movie players, audio tools, and more, as well as thousands of pieces of specialized software used in various niches of industry (and too boring to mention here). Most of this software is available to anyone who wants it, free of charge. What more could you want
LDAP tab on the bottom portion of the screen. Here, enter the server s DNS name or IP address and the Search Base as its listed in the Open Directory service. If the port is not 389, go ahead and enter the port into the Port: field as well. Finally, if you are using SSL and the certificate has been accepted, you can click on the LDAP over SSL checkbox as well. If you are using SSL and the certificate has not been accepted, it will need to be before the client system will be able to access LDAP. Once you are satisfied with all of your settings, click on Save and then Start DHCP to start the service. If the server is not a Mac, you can still supply LDAP DCHP information. For Linux, you would add the following lines to your dhcpd.conf-Server:
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