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protected void doView(RenderRequest request, RenderResponse response) throws PortletException, IOException
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information. The Ubuntu file system broadly follows the principles in the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard, as do most versions of Linux, but it does have its own subtleties.
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The variable _ songLength holds the total song length in seconds.
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CHAPTER 1: Security Quick-Start
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Figure 13 19. Connecting over FTP
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Figure 14-7. The report designer after specifying plot data on the chart When we add the chart item, the legend appears automatically. For this report, we don t need the legend, as the size of chart is small. We can hide the legend by right-clicking the chart item and selecting Properties. Next, select the Legend tab, uncheck Show legend, and click OK to complete the process. Please see Figure 14-8 for an illustration of these steps.
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Unauthenticated Static Binding
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Watching TV
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of maintaining state between the tiers of your application can be much higher, as you may be passing large amounts of data (sometimes referred to as data sets) between them. Thus, ADO.NET offers a disconnected model that enables you to access data from another tier, disconnect from that tier (thus breaking state), and access that data locally. To prevent data from being corrupted, ADO.NET provides the means for syncing back up with the data store when your transaction is complete, as well as locking mechanisms to prevent other processes from affecting the data while your application is holding it in a disconnected state. At the heart of the disconnected model is XML. ADO.NET was designed with the XML classes of the .NET Framework in mind, and at the core of this is the DataSet object, which you ll undoubtedly encounter if you continue writing ADO.NET-based applications. (It s also used under the covers when controls are automatically bound to a database, although that s not obvious at a casual glance.)
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Installation of Other Versions
If you now execute the application, the grid will bind to the web service and render the data for the default parameter. You can also type new parameters into the text box and click the button, and they will be fetched and rendered for you. And this was all achieved without writing a single line of code on the client!
TaskBin NUnitCache NUnitLog NUnitFailLog
Figure 9 7. Mounting a disk image
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