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It s common to implement computations that access external resources such as databases but that return their results on demand. But this raises a difficulty: how do you manage the lifetime of the
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Queries an XML column or variable based on some XQuery expression and returns the results of the query Queries an XML column or variable and returns a scalar value of the SQL data type Tells you whether the given XQuery expression returns any results Modifies the content of an XML data type column or variable with the help of XML Data Modification Language, discussed later in this chapter Returns XML data as relational data
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Figure 14-4. Uploading WordPress files to the web server
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his chapter is a necessary distraction from your main purpose, which is to learn about the C++/CLI language. In this chapter, you ll find some important information that is not specifically related to the language syntax, but to the platform, compiler, and development tools. There s a great deal to the .NET Developer Platform (NDP); entire books have been written on the subject. This chapter can t begin to cover everything in detail, so it ll just touch upon some of the key concepts and give a few examples that will get you started. While most of what this book covers will pertain to any implementation of the CLI, in this chapter I assume you are using Visual C++, the Microsoft implementation of the CLI, and your programs will run on the .NET Developer Platform. This chapter covers what you ll need to know about the NDP if you re using Visual C++. If you are already familiar with targeting the NDP in another language, such as C#, you ll find much of this chapter a review, except for the discussion of the C++/CLI #using statement and the discussion of the CLR compilation modes available in C++. Also, this chapter discusses compilation modes available in Visual C++. The compilation modes produce different types of libraries and executables that are suited to different runtime environments, ranging from code that is compiled natively to the instruction set of the processor as previous generations of C++ compilers have always done, to verifiably safe managed code that can run in some of the most restrictive environments such as inside an Internet browser or inside a database engine such as Microsoft SQL Server 2005, where being certain that a program will not crash and corrupt the server s memory is crucial.
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CHAPTER 4: Storage
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<mx:TextInput id="txtUrl" width="100%" text="" keyDown="onKeyDown(event)" /> </mx:FormItem> </mx:Form> </s:WindowedApplication>
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Figure 9-13. Finding a view in Object Explorer We have now created our first view on the database. However, this method of building a view could be seen as a bit slow and cumbersome for something so simple. What if we wanted to combine two tables, or a view and another table
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klist Kerberos 5 ticket cache: 'API:Initial default cache' Default principal: acid@WALLCITY.ORG Valid Starting Expires Service Principal 07/06/09 13:12:40 07/06/09 23:12:40 krbtgt/WALLCITY.ORG@WALLCITY.ORG renew until 07/07/09 13:12:40
Table 9-1. Application Permissions (continued)
xmlns:mx="library://" creationComplete="creationCompleteHandler()"> <fx:Script> <![CDATA[ import; import mx.collections.ArrayCollection; [Bindable] private var storageCollection:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection(); protected function creationCompleteHandler():void { var storageVolumes:Vector.<StorageVolume> = StorageVolumeInfo.storageVolumeInfo.getStorageVolumes(); var length:int = storageVolumes.length; addEventListeners(); for (var i:int = 0; i < length; i++) { addItem( storageVolumes[i] ); } } private function addEventListeners():void { StorageVolumeInfo.storageVolumeInfo.addEventListener (StorageVolumeChangeEvent.STORAGE_VOLUME_MOUNT, function (event:StorageVolumeChangeEvent):void { addItem(event.storageVolume); }); StorageVolumeInfo.storageVolumeInfo.addEventListener (StorageVolumeChangeEvent.STORAGE_VOLUME_UNMOUNT, function (event:StorageVolumeChangeEvent):void { var nativePath:String = event.rootDirectory.nativePath; removeItemByNativePath( nativePath ); }); } private function addItem( storageVolume:StorageVolume ):void { var object:Object = new Object(); object = new Object(); =; object.icon = storageVolume.rootDirectory.icon.bitmaps[2]; object.nativePath = storageVolume.rootDirectory.nativePath; object.isWritable = storageVolume.isWritable; object.isRemovable = storageVolume.isRemovable;
The GridView control is also found on the Data tab of the Toolbox. When you drag and drop it onto the design surface, the GridView Tasks pane will appear. This pane enables you to format how the grid will appear, choose the desired data source, edit the columns to view, and change the templates used to represent the data (see Figure 4-24).
In this example, we ll execute an executable with Silverlight using the new COM interoperability feature. To illustrate, we will open the Notepad application. 1. Create a new Silverlight application in Visual Studio 2010. Name it InvokeNotepad and allow Visual Studio to create an ASP.NET web application called InvokeNotepad.Web to host your application. When the project is created, you should be looking at the MainPage.xaml file. Within the LayoutRoot Grid of the Silverlight page, add a Button and set its attributes as follows, wiring up the Click event as well. <Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White"> <Button Content="Invoke Notepad" Width="100" Height="30" Name="button1" Click="button1_Click" /> </Grid> 3. In the code behind, MainPage.xaml.cs, first check that the application has elevated permissions. Next, add a using statement at the top of the code to System.Runtime.InteropServices.Automation. Now we ll create an instance of the AutomationFactory class and the WScript.Shell COM object. We can then execute the Run command and pass it the location for Notepad.exe. private void button1_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { if (App.Current.HasElevatedPermissions) { using (dynamic cmd = AutomationFactory.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")) { cmd.Run(@"C:\WINDOWS\NOTEPAD.EXE", 1, true); } } } 4. Since the COM interoperability feature requires out-of-browser elevated permissions, open the properties of our Silverlight project, InvokeNotepad. Within the project properties, check the box next to Enable running application out of the browser, as shown in Figure 10-9.
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