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1 One of the authors became a fan of this approach when a program he was writing crashed only after crunching 2GB of input data. The ability to stop the program immediately before the crash made it possible to find a particular input sequence that was unexpected. It would have been very difficult to find this bug by printing the state of the application.
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This can be useful in some cases, but it can have some strange side effects. Consider this example (script trans_close_02.sql in the online code suite): create table t1 as select mod(rownum,10) mod(rownum,10) to_char(rownum) rpad('x',100) from all_objects where rownum <= 1000 ;
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but you can change these selections. If you find the default driver simply doesn t work correctly, try a similar but different model. Select the appropriate model in the Model list in the left column, and then select the appropriate driver for your printer from the Drivers list in the right column. Click the Forward button to continue.
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No runtime check; use for types in which the validity of the cast is checkable at compile time. Evaluates to nullptr on failed cast.
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The output of Listing 5-4 is as follows: Hours: 1 Minutes: 56 The addition operator works from left to right, so as long as the first operand is a string, each operand in the series will be converted to a string, even if some part of the expression could also be interpreted as another type of addition (such as adding integers). The ToString function is used to convert types to strings. The string concatenation operator works with all managed types, since all managed types inherit the ToString operator from System::Object. Strings that are editable (also called mutable) should be instances of StringBuilder rather than String. You ll learn more about StringBuilder strings later in this chapter.
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CHAPTER 15: Remote Connectivity
To set local loginhooks, run the following command as root on the local client:
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